LUMS INTRODUCTION : Numerous students are confused and mind boggled at the time of applying to universities and colleges especially when it concerns entry test as it is the deciding factor. They simply cannot decide the best place for them and the right guidance is needed. Career finder brings together information consolidated in the form for the guidance of students applying to various universities from general information about the university and the test to how to ace the test and various subjects that are offered at any particular university.

LUMS is one of the well-known and hard to get admissions into. Students have to be very careful when applying to LUMS and need to prepare years before in their secondary and high school so that they can score well in order to secure their places in LUMS.

Here you will get complete guidance step by step on how to apply for LUMS and the various programs that are offered by LUMS with complete fee structure and little about the online application process and test.

Mock test of LUMS : See where you stand

Mock Exam

The mock exam for LUMS which is available at the end of the document is there to self-assess you. There are model papers in it with answers at the end of each paper through which the students can judge their performances.

  • A self-assessment table is given at the end of each paper containing subject names as well as total marks.
  • Repetitive exercises
  • A progress chart at the end of five papers.

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