Lecturer Written Test and Interview Difficulty Level

Lecturer Written Test and Interview Difficulty Level is discussed in this article. One of my friend, Muhammad Asif, appeared in the lectureship exams in 2009. He qualified the written test in the subject of History and appeared in the interview. He was very happy to pass the written test and was hopeful for his final selection.

Lecturer Written Test and Interview Difficulty Level:

He requested some of his friends of higher qualification to conduct a mock interview. This mock panel asked him a few questions that he not respond. Now he got anxious and tried to find out the answers. In the second mock interview, he had to face some other questions which answers he did not know. The more he prepared, the more he lost confidence. On his interview, while he was waiting for his turn, the candidates came one by one from the interview hall and he started asking them about the questions. He got nervous and tried to ask the answers from the other candidates. When he was called, he was asked to introduce. When he mentioned his current activities, he could not properly explain them.

He was asked, “What is your area of interest?” His answer was “History, sir”.

“Any period of history?”

“Any period”, he responded.

When the panel asked him questions from the wide range of historical epochs, he could not answer. In fact he had not chosen his area of interest.

He could not be selected. He tried again in 2011 but he could not pass the written test. This time paper pattern was MCQs type.

“Why couldn’t you pass even the written test this year”, I asked him.

The paper was out of course”, he responded dejectedly.

“How is it possible,” I enquired further.

He gave me some examples to prove his point but it was baseless. In fact, they were the questions based on interpretation which seemed to him ‘out of course’.

He also complained of shortage of time.

Now his age has exceeded the limit. He cannot apply. He thinks, to be lecturer is very difficult. He often questions this system of selection as well.

In short, the people generalize their experiences and spread rumors. The awareness about the format of paper and interview, practice of tests and interview can help.

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