Your Study Guide for Acing the PMA Initial Test

Your Study Guide for Acing the PMA Initial Test

Your Study Guide for Acing the PMA Initial Test: Many students have a passion for serving their country. Joining the armed forces is one of the best way to protect and give back to your homeland. The test consists of three sections including verbal intelligence, non-verbal intelligence and a portion of questions based on academic knowledge. Not everyone is able to score well in the initial test. But there are few tips that can help you:

how to pass pma initial test

Smart Preparation

The initial test is for checks the candidate’s critical thinking ability and language skills. Don’t focus only on learning and you should have a deeper understanding of the concepts.

Solve Practice Tests

To understand the concepts better, you should solve as many practice tests as you can. Maximize your practice to prepare for the PMA initial test in a smart way.


how to prepare pma initial test

Early Preparation

Early preparation is an important part of your smart preparation. It is a mix of dedication, critical thinking ability and time-management. You should make a study plan and follow it to cover everything.

Online Preparation

Online preparation saves you from the struggle of choosing the best guidebooks. If you use an online platform like Tabir Academy you can solve practice tests and past papers 24/7. You can also work on your weak concepts.

Put your plan in action with Tabir

The path to Pakistan Military Academy is not an easy one. But it can be made easy with smart online preparation. Tabir Academy offers you the most effective online module for the preparation of your PMA Initial test.

  • Clear all the levels to complete your preparation and improve your score
  • It comes with a learning box and a number of practice tests. The concept-based questions help you in building your concepts one-by-one.
  • It offers a complete control over your preparation.
  • It gives you 24/7 access to the resources

You can Log in and start preparing for PMA Initial Test today.

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