Things you should know about Medical College Admission Tests!

Becoming a doctor and serving humanity is dream of most of the young students in Pakistan. It is not a goal that can be achieved without constant dedication and hard work. Along with hard work, you need to know the ways for smart preparation for the college admission tests. Here is everything that you need to know about medical tests in Pakistan:



National University of Medical Sciences conducts their entrance test every year in September. Students become eligible for taking admission in the affiliated institues by taking NUMS entrance test. The institutes include Army Medical College, CMH Lahore, and Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences. The test consists of four sections MCQs based on Chemistry, Biology, Physics and English.


MDCAT is conducted by University of Health Sciences ever year in August, on behalf of the Government of Punjab. By taking MDCAT, students can take admission in various Public/Private Sector Medical Colleges in Punjab including King Edward Medical College, Fatima Jinnah Medical College and Allama Iqbal Medical College. It is an MCQ based test which tests your knowledge of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and English language proficiency.


The Army Medical College conducts their admission test in July. The students can apply in AMC by either taking this test or the NUMS test. The student is required to have a 75% score in FSc (Pre-medical) to be eligible for admission. The questions are based on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, verbal and non-verbal intelligence.


National Aptitude Test is conducted by National Testing Service, NAT 1M is especially for pre-medical students who want to pursue the dream of becoming a doctor. It is a MCQ based test that takes place every month. The students who attempt NAT 1M become eligible to apply in NTS affiliated medical colleges.


The smart way to prepare for your entry test

The entry tests not only test your knowledge but they are also a test of your dedication to your goal. Sometimes, students put so much effort but due to the lack of right guidance fail to score well. Hence, it is essential to prepare the right way. Following are the few guidelines that can help you in smart preparation for your MDCAT or any other Medical College Admission test:

Smart Preparation

Before you begin the preparation, you should have a complete plan for your preparation. There is nothing such as a perfect plan yet having a plan guides you to the right path. You need to gather the required study material.

2You should set up your daily goals accordingly. Attempting MDCAT or any other entrance test is a test of your understanding as well as your time management. Time management is a skill that you learn with practice. So it is important to set up a routine and follow through it. You should not only focus on learning the concepts but your focus should be on developing an in-depth understanding. Smart preparation is a mix of all these factors including time management and dedication.




Early Preparation

There is a very little gap between the final board exams and entrance tests especially MDCAT.


Hence, the best way is to start your preparation early along with your board exams preparation. It is not a difficult thing to do as the same concepts are tested in both the exams. You only need to have a deeper understanding of them to solve the MDCAT MCQs. Early preparation will give you ample time to identify your weaknesses and to work on them.




Online Preparation

Collecting all the resources can be a hard task in itself. The best way is to look for the resource material online. Online preparation can save your time and it also gives you easy 24/7 access to the study material. You can solve several practice tests and past papers on your laptop or phone with ease. It also helps you in planning your preparation process well where you can easily set daily goals for yourself. Tabir provides you with all the tools online for your smart preparation.

Tabir.pkThese tips can help making your preparation process easy and effecting. It is not a difficult task to follow the guidelines if you are goal-driven. It is important to be optimistic but you should not rely on only one college for admission. Ideally you should opt for all the tests and apply to multiple colleges. Following these guidelines is not a difficult task if you are really passionate about achieving your goal. In the end, it all depends on how goal-driven you are.

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