How to Clear CSS Essay and Precis Exam?

A great number of students take the CSS exam every year but only few are able to clear it. 85% of students fail because of their lower scores in English precis and essay. Hence, for you to achieve your dream of becoming a CSS officer, your English language skills need to be good.

Precis stands for summary of a given text. In your CSS exam, you will be given different passages for which you will have to give a compact outline while stating all the important points. Similarly, the essay section would give you with a prompt to write on. On the surface, it might appear that the students with an English degree can only perform well in this section yet it is not essentially true.  You can have a good command on language with practice. If you follow the few given tips, you can develop the skills that are required to clear the exam.

Develop a Reading Habit

Habit of reading polishes your language skills as well as familiarizes you with new vocabulary.


So, when preparing for your exam, you should try your best to read as much as you can. It will help you in understanding the language better. You can start by reading the editorial page of a good newspaper every day. After reading you can summarize the content, it will enhance your understanding of the ideas. You will learn about different ways and rules of prose writing. You should always look for the meanings of the words that are new to you. In this way, you will learn the meanings and usage of these words. 30-45 minutes spent on this practice each day can make a big difference. It will help you in precis as well as essay writing.

Practice is all you need

Practice always plays a main role in the success. Solving the past papers is the ideal practice for the preparation of any exam. It becomes important for you to practice precis writing for the passages that were given in the past exams. It will improve your skills and will acquaint you with the difficulty level of the paper. Before you start practicing, you should go through the high-scoring CSS study material available on English Precis and essay writing.

Write, write and write

For both English precis and essay writing, you need to work hard on your writing skills.

7The only way for improvement is to write frequently. Writing the summaries for the texts that you read will not only help you in attempting precis. You will also learn to articulate your thoughts in a better way. Writing the precis for the past papers, will improve your writing skills that will eventually help you in essay writing. For essay writing, you should fist learn different ways to structure your arguments. You should keep on practicing structuring and writing essays on different prompts. It is important to get feedback on your precis and essays so that you can further improve.



Get your Essays and Precis evaluated

Your practice can only bear fruit, if you get them checked by people who have a good command on English. It will be in your best interest to consult CSS qualifiers on your precis and essay writing skills. The qualifiers have already gone through the same grind as you. They are aware of the best ways to score well in the CSS English precis and Essay writing section. They can help you in identifying your areas of weaknesses. Also, you can get useful tips for improvement for them. You can get your essays and precis evaluated by a successful CSS candidate on To practise free CSS MCQs online, log into


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  1. Fiaz Ahmed says:

    Your are right admin! The students having specialization in English studies pay much toil to grasp over it so it is highly possible that they perform in competitive exams well when it comes in terms of English language because a subject studied as major one brings always the major impact. At the end, you are right again that Practice Makes a Man Perfect as Bacon says in Of Studies “Writing makes an exact man” if I am not wrong.

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