MCAT Higher Score: 5 Tips

MCAT is a challenge for every candidate. Here are five to-the-point tips from a veteran MCAT adviser. These tips will help you achieve higher score in MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) and fulfill your dream of being a medical student.

1Review and Revise:

This is common sense. Unless you are a super computer, you will not remember everything from text books in one go, so you will need to be able to read it again. And again, and again until it is second nature to you. You should be able to answer any question at any time, only at this time will you have revised enough.

2. Learn some things by heart:

It is a good idea to learn as many equations, constant values, and definitions as possible by heart; that way, you get to concentrate on the problems, rather than worrying about what the equation is or scratching your head over what something means.

3Solve Exercise After each topic given in this book:

Solve the questions in each exercise after topics. The little drills offer an opportunity to revise the topic to have greater confidence. If you find difficulty in solving the questions consult the text book and revise the topic.

4. Sweet Candies :

Set of Similar to Original Practice.After revising whole chapter, you need to solve a comprehensive set of practice question. This book provides such similar to original questions. Sweet Candies help you revise whole chapter. If you don’t find any difficulty in solving Sweet Candies, you can move to the next chapter.

5. Brain Buster:

A set of large number of questions from the topics in the part of physics section.At the end of each part of the Physics section in this book, you will find Brain Buster question set. Brain Buster questions are from the chapters Included in the part and are shuffled so that you can have a solid grip on the topics. These questions are highly focused to the Engineering Colleges/ universities Admission tests.

 6. MCAT Challenge

Do you want more than 95% score in UHS Entrance Test (Punjab MCAT)?

  • MCAT – Medical Colleges Admission Tests has become a great challenge for those who want to pursue career as a medical professional.
  • Easy to difficult – Step by step preparation is a natural sequence which is adopted by almost all prospect test takers.

Have you completed your preparation and want to evaluate your level of preparation for a target score?

MCAT Challenge 2 plus 8 provides a real evaluation as well as a sharp boost in knowledge pool.


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