5 Interview Tips | Update on KPPSC Lecturer Job

In the first week of May, KPPSC announced over 1900+ job posts for lecturers. It was nonetheless a massive turnover in the history of KPPSC. You probably registered yourself and started the preparation too. However, KPPSC took a U-Turn and decided to change the plan. You do not need to appear in the written test of KPPSC Lecturer Job anymore!

Change of Plan?

KPPSC issued a notice of shortlisting procedure for the lecturer’s post (Male/Female).

Shortlisting of the candidates who applied against KPPSC Advertisement 6 2021 is going to on specific criterium. The KPPSC Lecturer selection criteria are as follow:

  • Academic Marks obtained in Matriculation, Intermediate, Bachelor and Master
  • The academic Marks received in Matriculation, Intermediate and Bachelor (as the case may be)

The percentage formula of both conventional system and semester system is:

Conventional: Obtained Marks * 100 / Total Marks

Semester: Obtained CGPA * 100/Total CGPA = Resultant % * 0.9

What to do next?

Since there will be no written test for KPPSC Lecturer Jobs 2021, you can still prepare for the interview. Here are 5 Interview tips that you should consider.

Have a good grip on General Knowledge

The test of KPPSC Lecturer was comprised on the subject as well as general knowledge portion. Regardless of whichever test you appear for, general knowledge should be in your arsenal. You can prepare for general knowledge by preparing notes, solving past papers, taking mock tests, or consulting a guidebook. Prepare for General Knowledge questions from the guidebook by Dogar Brothers! Buy it today. 

Work on your Interview Answers

You can secure your lecturers position in KPPSC by preparing well-thought-out answers that are most likely to be asked. Demonstrate interest by asking questions and responding relevantly. 

Dress Properly

Several things reflect your aura; the way you dress is one of the things. Know what to wear on the interview for the KPPSC Lecturer job. Be well-groomed and leave an unforgettable impression on the panel. Wear confidence with yourself too!

Practice Non-Verbal Communication

Demonstrate confidence. Stand straight, make eye contact, and connect with the panel wholeheartedly. Practice speaking in front of the mirror. Self-reflect your weak areas while speaking or demonstrating your experience. Work on them. 

Show your passion

Since you will be a lecturer for a specific subject, show a keen interest in it. Do not talk too much or be assertive, but convince yourself to be a perfect fit for the KPPSC Lecturer job. 

That is all!

There will not be a written test. Why should I study?

You need to. 

Prepare for the relevant subject, work on your weak areas for the interview. Rest assured, you will succeed in securing a position at KPPSC as a lecturer. 

Good Luck!

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