ECAT 2021 Postponed | How to utilize the time?

Earlier, a common entrance test will be conducted for Punjab’s engineering & technology programs. University of Engineering and Technology started by giving entry test tokens for a combined entry test 2021. The test will take place from May 24 – May 27, 2021, in assigned Virtual University Centres.

However, it is postponed!.

Wait what?

ECAT 2021 Postponed?

Due to COVID-19, ECAT 2021 is postponed. It was announced on the official website of the UET Admission portal. ECAT is a requirement for admission into all public/private engineering and technology institutes of Punjab. However, the registrations for the entry test will remain open till the announcement of new dates.

Here is how you can still get registered.

  • The prescribed HBL branches will continue to sell tokens for ECAT 2021.
  • UET urges the candidates to register at the earliest possible time to avoid any hassle due to filling Virtual University Centres.
  • The admit cards will automatically update once the new dates are out. That is why candidates are requested to re-print their admit cards.

In case you still have not registered, is something popping up in your mind?

What is the required subject combination for ECAT 2021?

Candidates having either one of the following subject combinations in Intermediate/equivalent can apply for ECAT.

  1. A combination with mathematics, physics, and Chemistry as Intermediate subjects are eligible to apply for all programs offered at UET.
  2. The candidates with mathematics, physics, and Chemistry as Intermediate subjects are eligible to apply for Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Architecture, City and Regional Planning (CRP), Product and Industrial Design (PID), Mathematics and Physics Programs.
  3. Candidates with mathematics, physics, and Statistics as Intermediate subjects are eligible to apply for architecture, City and Regional Planning (CRP), Product and Industrial Design (PID), mathematics, and physics programs.
  4. Candidates having Biology, Physics and Chemistry as Intermediate subjects are eligible to apply for Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry and Physics.

For those, who have been burning their midnight oil, should you be relaxed?


Here are 4 General Tips to resume your ECAT preparation.  

  1. Keep Your Focus on Concepts

Unlike FSc, rote learning will never work. Instead of cramming through everything, retain the core concepts. Act smart and spend more time with calculations, graphical diagrams, and past papers. Since there are several books to prepare for ECAT, we have got the best one.


  1. Practice Past Papers Regularly

Take a systematic approach for the ECAT preparation. Do not practice blindly! It is overwhelming to practice vast amounts of past papers, However, make a schedule of practising them. Figure out your weak areas and pay extra emphasis on them. Master your concepts by doing past papers repeatedly.


  1. Learn Time Management

Time yourself and judge your performance. Identify if you are unable to complete the paper in time or spending too much time on one concept. Evaluate yourself and cover your weak areas. Do general practice to ensure timely test completion under pressure.


  1. Do not be upsetti, eat some spaghetti!

If you are up to perform ECAT under time pressure, you need to be mentally strong. Do not spend more time on one question. You will only be in a great sense of confidence if you had done past papers and exercises in advance.

If you have a lot of time before the ECAT exam (just like you have right now), start reading daily. You can go for a random article or even a book if you want to ace your ECAT English portion—practice Mathematics questions without a calculator. Pay equal attention and build vital concepts of Physics. For Chemistry, never consider selective study.

Resources to Prepare for ECAT 2021

You need to work smartly and double the worth of your ECAT preparation. It would be best if you practised, which will help in excelling in ECAT. There are a lot of different books and resources to practice ECAT. However, it can be sufficiently covered with the following resources:

  1. Smart Brain ECAT

The Smart Brain ECAT is a book by Dogar Brothers which includes concept-building exercises. The ECAT book for getting admission in Engineering College is according to the syllabus with revision of the most relevant questions. Some of the prominent features of this guidebook are:

  • Includes highly focused questions related to all sections of ECAT
  • Revision of the most relevant questions
  • A guide to achieving a high score in ECAT
  • Brainbuster questions in each exercise
  • Critical concepts of all topics
  • Fully explained review exercise
  1. Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board

You can clarify your concepts of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry by getting intermediate books PDF.

Yes, you heard it right!

The official visit of PCTB has a wide range of books from Class 1 till Intermediate.

Summing it Up!

Postponing of ECAT does not mean you can leave your preparation resources on shelves being covered by dust. Resume your preparation. Practice daily. Have a schedule and make the most of your time till the announcement of the test date. Keep checking the official website of UET for updates.


Q1. Is a calculator allowed in ECAT?

Calculators are not allowed in ECAT. It is advisable to practice numerical without using a calculator.

Q2. What are the subject options for DAE students?

ECAT is of intermediate level. However, the DAE qualified candidates have the option to choose either of the following combinations:

  • Physics, Mathematics, English, and Chemistry
  • Physics, Mathematics, English, and Computer Science.

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