How To Select Preferences After NET

How To Select Preferences After NET : Once your merit position has been intimated to you and the first merit list has been released, then you will be asked to fill out the preference list. As the name indicates, the list includes the courses you would like to be accepted to in decreasing order of preference.

How To Select Preferences After NET

While filling out the list, refer to the closing merit positions of the previous year. The closing merit positions more or less remain the same and there are no drastic changes in them. The previous year’s list will give you an idea about where you stand and whether you stand a chance in getting accepted in your desired faculty.

For instance, you applied for the Engineering program and your top priority is to be accepted into Mechanical Engineering. Hypothetically speaking, you secured a merit position of 281. When you checked the previous year’s closing merit you found it to be 611. This shows that there is a very high probability of you getting into your desired course. In such a scenario put Mechanical Engineering on the first spot. Then think for a minute, what if the merit increases this time and you don’t get accepted in Mechanical Engineering. Put your next desired course at spot number 2. And so on.

Then there is the case when you are doubtful of your merit position. For instance your merit position was 1024 and you wanted to apply for the Software Engineering course. When you consulted last year’s merit list you found that the closing merit for the first list was 846. You immediately lose hope. Don’t. Always check the closing merit position of the last list, which you see will be 1238. This shows that you have a chance at your desired course. It’s possible that when the first merit list is released you may not get accepted in Software Engineering, but by the time the fourth list comes you’ll automatically be upgraded to Software Engineering. But, this will only happen if you put Software on the top of the preference list. As mentioned above, put your next desired course at spot 2 and so forth.

The above mentioned method of selecting preferences applies to all courses, be it Engineering, Business or Architecture. While updating the preference list don’t get over smart and only put one course as your preference, it’s possible the merit rises and you may not be selected. Unless of course your merit position is in the top 100, then by all means put your one desired course only.

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