How to Qualify as Lecturer?

Do you want to know how can you qualify as Lecturer? This article will guide you about this. A lecturer has to pass a written test in the relevant subject and then an interview.

How to Qualify as Lecturer?

The candidate for lectureship qualifies if he/she:


  • Plans his/her study and executes the plan.

Conceptual Understanding

  • Demonstrates his/her conceptual understanding of the subject.
  • Relates the concepts with one another and understands their paradigm.
  • Shows how to apply the concepts.
  • Shows the development and sequence of the concepts in an order.
  • Avoids vagueness, ambiguity and confusion while explaining the concepts and their application.


  • Organizes his/her learning in a systematic way.

Teaching Method

  • Shows a keen interest in exploring the subject in regards of content and teaching method.
  • Communicates in an impressive way.
  • Knows how to simplify the content according to the ability, age and immediate environment of the learners.


  • Revises his/her syllabus in a comprehensive way.

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