How To Prepare For The NET

How To Prepare For The NET is the main theme of this article. The NET is, perhaps, one of the most competitive entry tests in Pakistan. Thousands of children apply each year with the hopes of getting accepted at an elite institution like NUST. So when the competition is so tough you have to make sure you’re at the top of your game. With proper guidance, that won’t be difficult. Here we cover some tips that will help you prepare for the NET.

How To Prepare For The NET


The NET is primarily based on the FSc. course and it gives the FSc. a slight edge over others. However, this does not mean you should take the test lightly. Whether you’re from FSc. or A Levels, we have only one advice for you: study thoroughly! Go through all the chapters once, make a list of all the formulae you think you’ll have to use more than once. This is easier for the FSc. students to do – don’t think you’ll study for the NET a month before hand. During your two years, clear all your concepts while you have the time. The NET is more concept based. They won’t ask you the value of gravitational acceleration. The questions will be tricky and will be a test of your concepts. If you know your stuff, the test will be very easy.


We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to practice. So you’re studying and clearing your concepts, but unless you don’t practice you won’t know for sure how good you actually are. There are a large number of entry test preparation books available, ours is the finest of them all (details to follow). This is all you will need. Don’t go buying every single MCQ book, because there’s a high chance you won’t use all of them. One good book is sufficient.


The NET is divided into different sections as mentioned in the previous article. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, IQ, Biology – depending on which program you’re applying for.  So for instance if you’re applying for engineering Mathematics will make up a greater percentage of your test. Similarly Biology will have higher weightage if you’re apply for Medical & Bio Sciences. So basically what we’re trying to say is while preparing, pay more attention to your core subjects. So study smart and get your priorities right.

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