GAT Test Schedule, Eligibility Criteria, Paper Distribution and GAT Results

GAT Test detail is given in this article. Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) is a test standardized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) as similar to the International GRE General. The HEC has entrusted the National Testing Service of Pakistan (NTS) with the responsibility of conducting the test.

NTS is Pakistan’s first and self-sustained testing organization that conducts tests and assessments for admissions, scholarships, and recruitment and promotion purposes. NTS was established in July 2002 in response to an expressed need for a testing service in the National Education Policy (1998-2010) and the Information Technology (IT) Policy of Government of Pakistan. NTS is now playing a pivotal role in promoting merit and quality education at college and university level. NTS tests and assessments are now pre-requisites for many prime public and private sector engineering and medical institutions for admission. NTS also conducts assessment tests for recruitment in public & private organizations.

GAT Test Schedule, Eligibility Criteria, Paper Distribution and GAT Results

This GAT NTS test is the main and utmost requirement of most well-known and reputable Universities in Pakistan. Passing GAT-General is mandatory for admission in MS/M.Phil. program in all universities and DAI of Pakistan. After fulfilling this criterion, they will be able to apply for MS/M.Phil. program in any recognized and well-known institute.

Moreover, passing GAT-General is also an essential requirement for the award of HEC and Ministry of Education Scholarships. The test is held on a quarterly basis and the result of this test remains valid for two years. The test is similar to International GRE-General.

How to Register for GAT General Test?

Various GAT NTS forms are available at the official site of NTS and the candidates who are aspiring to take GAT are required to register by fulfilling the NTS GAT form in order to appear for the test as scheduled by GAT NTS. The GAT registration process to be followed is given below:

  • Fulfill the NTS GAT registration form and register (one time only) to NTS Online Registration Portal at
  • Upload a recent photograph (of almost 1×1.5 inch) to NTS Online Registration Portal.
  • Select your desired category (GAT-General) from the list of projects announced on NTS Online Registration Portal.
  • Download bank deposit slip from the NTS Online Registration Portal. Bank deposit slip is available on NTS Online Registration Portal only.
  • Deposit bank deposit fee (of PKR 1000/-) through bank deposit slip in the online branches of MCB, UBL, HBL or ABL.
  • Enter bank deposit information to GAT NTS Online Registration Portal to further proceed your application.
  • Send the deposit slip to NTS Headquarters: (Islamabad Office),1-E, Street No. 46, I-8/2, Islamabad.

Important Note:

  • Do not send any documents other than original bank deposit slip.
  • All candidates are required to upload their photographs with full face exposure.
  • Incomplete or improperly filled registration details will not be processed.
  • By hand submission of application form and bank deposit slip will not be accepted.
  • The list of provisionally eligible candidates will be displayed on official website of NTS on first come first served basis of the registration.
  • The final list of eligible applicants will be uploaded 2 days after the last date of provisional list. Roll numbers and the exam centers will be given to the applicants of the final
  • Roll number slips will be dispatched by GAT NTS almost 10 days before the test.
  • Candidates must fill the “postal address”, “postal city” and “postal city district” in their personal information to receive the test roll number slip and result card.
  • Stay interactive with NTS website for eligible candidates list, test venue, and all related information.

Eligibility Criteria for GAT Test General:

NTS General Graduate Assessment Test (GAT-General) is basically held for the candidates seeking admissions in MS or M.Phil programs or looking for Higher Education Commission (HEC) scholarship schemes. Although, such candidates who desire to appear in GAT-General must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • The candidates who have completed their sixteen (16) years of education are eligible to apply for GAT-General.
  • The candidates who want to improve their earlier GAT general test results are also eligible to apply for GAT-General.

GAT Test Schedule for 2018:

In a single year GATs are held 4 times; therefore, GATs are held on the quarter-yearly basis and usually, there is a gap of around 3-4 months between the GAT tests. Each year the GAT test schedule is announced on the official website of NTS. The GAT schedule announced for the year 2018 is given below:

GAT Test Schedule

GAT Eligible Fields for All GAT Test Categories:

GAT Test has 4 main categories, designed for students coming from different educational backgrounds. These 4 GAT-General categories are namely;

  • Graduate Assessment Test-A (GAT-A)

For: Business and Engineering students.
Total No. of Questions: 100
Time Allowed: 120 minutes
Some Eligible Fields: Business Education, Finance, Banking, Finance Management, Commerce, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Bio Engineering, Systems Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geology, Transportation Engineering, Applied Optics, Photonics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Nuclear Engineering, Aeronautics, Astronautics, Metallurgy etc.

  • Graduate Assessment Test-B (GAT-B)

For: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences students.

Total No. of Questions: 100
Time Allowed: 120 minutes

Some Eligible Fields: Photography, Recreational & Performing Arts, Music, Languages and Literature, Museology (Museum science), Journalism, Advertisement, Mass Communication, Social Sciences, Archeology, Political Science, International Relations, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Criminology, Public Administration, Library and Archival Sciences, History, Geography, Education etc.

  • Graduate Assessment Test-C (GAT-C)

For: Agricultural, Veterinary, Biological & Related Sciences students.

Total No. of Questions: 100
Time Allowed: 120 minutes

Some Eligible Fields: Agriculture, Veterinary Sciences, Evolution & Genetics, Microbiology, Botanical Sciences, Zoological Sciences, Biotechnology, Medicine, Human Anatomy, Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Dermatology, Dentistry, Nursing, Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Astronomy, Astro-Geology, Astro-Physics, Earth, Atmosphere & Marine Sciences, Paleontology, Paleozoology, Paleobotany, Oceanography etc.

  • Graduate Assessment Test-D (GAT-D)

For: Religious Studies students (Students having Master’s Degree equivalence from HEC).

Total No. of Questions: 100
Time Allowed: 120 minutes

Some Eligible Fields: Fiqh, Usul Al-Fiqh, Arabic Language, Arabic Literature, Aqida, Hadith, Tafsir etc.

GAT Genaral Paper Distribution

Graduate Assessment Test (Test Cities):

GAT-General takes place in 8 compulsory test cities, namely;

  • Islamabad
  • Karachi
  • Faisalabad
  • Lahore
  • Multan
  • Peshawar
  • Quetta
  • Rawalpindi

Optional test cities are also present, but the tests in these cities are only conducted if there are a minimum of 200 registered candidates, following are the optional cities:

  • Bahawalpur
  • Dera Ghazi Khan
  • Gujranwala
  • Hyderabad


NTS GAT Test Result:

The NTS GAT result dates as announced by NTS for all GAT-General tests corresponding to test dates are given as follows:

NTS GAT Test Result

GAT Test Validity:

The results of GAT remain valid for a period of 2 years. If a candidate has passed GAT, he/she will be required to apply for admission in the universities as per his/her respective announcements along with a copy of the NTS result card.

How to Prepare for NTS GAT Test?

GAT preparation can be done by thinking of GAT Pakistan as a normal subject, and the GAT subject can be prepared for by going through and practicing GAT sample papers. Both GAT test samples and NTS results are readily available on the internet. Along practice, one can take a look at the GAT 2016 results to get an idea about the average scores and the effort to be put into GAT preparation.

Some Helpful Instructions Regarding NTS GAT Test General:

  • Reporting time at test center as specified on roll number slip.
  • No candidate will be admitted to the test center after a specified
  • Candidates will have to produce their roll number slips at the entry point of the test center.
  • Without the roll number slip, no candidate will be entertained for the test.
  • Do not bring calculators, mobile phones and wrist watches with a calculator in the test center.
  • No candidate will be allowed to leave the seat during the test except for an un-avoidable reason e.g. toilet usage, that too in the escort of an invigilator.
  • Do not bring any other stationary item including rough/extra sheets as two blank sheets for rough work are placed inside the question booklet.
  • Use of any other material that is not provided by NTS will be illegal and subject to disciplinary action.

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