CSS Syllabus (Part-1)

CSS Syllabus is available here. Reviewing CSS Syllabus 2016 will help you get through the most competitive examination conducted by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Islamabad. Keep connected with dogar.com.pk to know updates and to get selected through CSS 2016 examination.

CSS Syllabus 2016

In this section you will have to write significant stuff for every subject.

Compulsory Subjects (600 Marks)                                                                                                                                      

 In English Essay, Candidates are expected to reflect comprehensive and research based knowledge on a selected topic. Candidate’s articulation, expression and technical treatment of the style of English Essay writing will be examined.

Précis will be based upon a paper carrying 100 marks to Test the candidate’s abilities to handle Précis Writing, Reading Comprehension. Sentence Correction, Translation, Grammar and Vocabulary Grouping of words and pairs of words etc.

In General science and ability, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Environmental Science, Food Science, Information Technology. Quantitative Ability/Reasoning, Logical Reasoning and Analytical Reasoning/Ability, Mental Abilities.

In current Affairs, Pakistan’s Domestic Affairs, Pakistan’s External Affairs, and Global Issues.

In Pakistan Affairs, Pakistan’s Domestic Affairs, Pakistan’s External Affairs, Ideology of Pakistan, land and people of Pakistan, Nuclear program of Pakistan, Economic challenges in Pakistan, political evolution since 1971 and Pakistan and US war on terrorism.

In Islamic studies OR Comparative Study of Major Religions (For Non-Muslims), Introduction of Islam. Study of Seerah of Prophet Mohammad (PBAH) as Role Model for, Human Rights & Status of Woman in Islam. Islamic Civilization and Culture: Public Administration and Governance in Islam, Islamic Code of Life. Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

     Code No.                          Subjects      Marks
1.                        English Essay        100
2.        English (Precis and Composition)        100
3.              General Science & Ability         100
4.                        Current Affairs        100
5.                        Pakistan Affairs        100
6. Islamic Studies OR Comparative Study of      Major Religions (For Non- Muslims)        100
                      Total        600

To Be Continued…

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