CSS Subjects Selection Criteria 2018

CSS Subjects Selection criteria is given in this article. The most important problem that CSS Candidates face is how to choose optional subjects among a large number of subjects. However, students are advised to locate their aptitude with this connection. We suggest the following points for CSS Subjects Selection.

CSS Subjects Selection

  • Suggestions to Professional Candidates
  • Suggestions for Non-Professional Candidates
  • Ranking of CSS Optional Subjects
  • Most Common Combination of Subjects
  • Inter-related Subjects
  • CSS Subjects Selection List

For Professional Candidates


Though they have the technical scientific background yet it is better for them to opt subject like ‘Geography’ and ‘Forestry.’


They must adopt one Subject of’ ‘History Group’ beside Journalism. Sociology, Geography etc.

Other Professionals:

Though the professionals with background like Commerce, Management & Computer Science have the choice to select the Subjects of their own taste yet it will be difficult for them to revise the whole syllabus to attempt one paper of 100 or 200 marks based on their whole course. Therefore, they are suggested to select subjects of general interest.

For Non-Professional Candidates

Students with the background of Social Sciences have the great advantage to select optional subjects as they have a variety of subjects of their interest.


A recent survey of CSS applicants shows that the majority of students opt subjects related to Social Science, Law and Regional Languages.

Academic Subjects:

Your major subject for your undergraduate/graduate degree can give you with a good start provided that you are interested in that subject and are very good at it. Opting for that subject and preparing it more intensively and in depth can fetch you high marks. The choice of this subject will automatically guide you to choose subjects that ally with it.

Some Suggestions:

Below are just some suggestions of how the choice of subjects can be made which becomes supportive or complimentary to the main subjects. The only caution is that you must have a liking and aptitude for those subjects.

  1. Opting for political Science makes the choice of International Relations, International law, Constitutional Law, Public Administration, Journalism or Sociology very advisable and natural.
  2. Likewise, History can be coupled with any one or two from amongst Muslim Law & Jurisprudence, Constitutional law, International Law, Sociology, Journalism.
  3. Accountancy or economics can be taken with Statistics, Mercantile Law, Computer Science and Sociology.
  4. Similarly, any Science subject or Law or Literature as major can be opted with suitable supporting subjects to make 600 marks.
  5. Two major subjects can be opted together: Geography with History or Political Science and any two from International Relations, Sociology, Journalism, Constitutional Law or International Law.

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