UHS MDCAT preparation – Protips to Crack MDCAT

UHS MDCAT preparation is undertaken by thousands of students who appear for their Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) which is administered by UHS. UHS MDCAT preparation is an extremely daunting task as trends have shown that each year the competition is extremely high and MDCAT merit is very hard to meet.

There are multiple textbooks and academy sessions that students take and still fail to get higher marks to set the merit, which makes it a painstaking task for most students who have the pressure of their FSc exams at the same time. To achieve your desired marks in UHS MDCAT to ensure you make it to the top of the merit list for major Government Medical Colleges, here are a few tips that will enable you to improve your overall UHS MDCAT scores:

●   Work on your concepts, not on just rote learning:

It might be a widespread notion that rote answers are the key to clear UHS MDCAT, but in reality your concepts for all UHS MDCAT syllabus topics have to be so clear that you can tackle any question in the MDCAT exam. You will have multiple options to prepare from, however, it is important to choose the correct resource and stick to it, instead of confusing yourself with many MDCAT books.

●   Practice Practice Practice:

Practicing past exams and attempting practice tests will not only improve your marks in MDCAT, but also develop time management skills. It is important to attempt all MCQs on the MDCAT paper as there is no negative marking according to the latest rules by UHS. During your MDCAT preparation, you should attempt as many MCQs per topic as possible, and the best way to build your concepts is to refer to the original topic and learning resource as you go along.

●   Start MDCAT Preparation early so you don’t stress out:

It is a given that students who are going to attempt in MDCAT exam are preoccupied with the stress of scoring high in their FSc/Alevel exams. The sensible way to go about is to start preparing before time so you have ample time to practice MDCAT syllabus questions, because last minute preparations can be risky when the competition to get in Medical colleges is this high. Starting before hand gives you an extra edge so you know your weak areas and you can focus on them to turn weaknesses into strengths gradually.

●   Gather material for UHS MDCAT preparation and don’t get distracted:

The most important aspect of your entry test preparation is to use books and other resources that provide the right amount of concepts with ample explanation and practice questions for MDCAT.

For any entry test, Once you have opted for the right material, now all you need is to focus on your preparation, instead of getting confused by multiple academy options or multiple MDCAT notes. Just choose your direction and focus on it so much so you have all the concepts from MDCAT past papers on your finger tips.

●  How to Prepare for UHS MDCAT 2020 Online?

A much more effective and affordable way is to resort to MDCAT preparation online for UHS MDCAT exam. This allows you to save loads of time and money as you don’t have to travel long distances to expensive coaching academies. The important thing, however, is to resort to the most effective and reliable online preparation. Tabir Academy provides complete online preparation for MDCAT. With thousands of conceptual practice questions and a learning box that enables you to revisit a topic if you are weak at it, Tabir Academy provides students with a smart preparation journey which allows you to focus your energies on the right topics. It contains all essential concepts from the MDCAT syllabus and draws inspiration from UHS MDCAT past papers.

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