Things To Do On Your NET Exam Day

Things To Do On Your NUST NET Test Day : The pressure that comes with an entrance exam is nerve wracking. But you can’t let that pressure take the best of you. Here we cover some tips to keep you calm and some other things which you should do and some that you shouldn’t on your NET exam day.

Things To Do On Your NET Exam Day

Don’t forget your entrance slip & ID Card:

You don’t need to bring anything with you. No water bottles, no paper sheets or pens. You will be given everything you require to solve the exam. But you won’t be allowed to sit in the exam if you forget your entrance slip at home. So the night before, make sure you have your slip and ID Card, or B-Form, in your bag or with any other responsible person going with you. The entrance slip is issued to you when you complete your registration process for NET. It includes your test center name, test date and time and other identification data.

Reach your test center well before time:

Leave your house well before time, so that if any unfortunate events happen you are still able to make it in time. Make sure you are at the test center at least one hour before hand. The computer-based exam takes place in Islamabad only at the NUST H-12 Campus. The paper-based exams take place in Karachi and Quetta. So if you’re travelling from another city, plan accordingly.

Eat & Sleep:

You need some food in your system and sleep to revitalize your brain to make sure it works properly during the exam. Have a proper 8 hour sleep at night. If you’re not a fan of eating before exams, have some juices or drinks to boost your brain’s activity.

Don’t Panic:

Even if we tell you not to panic, some of you will still panic. Everyone has their own way of dealing with pressure situations and panic is the worst of those ways. For most people this panic ends up spoiling their mental focus that is imperative for attempting an exam. So if you’re such a person, distract yourself. Listen to music, solve a rubik’s cube perhaps, play a game of cards. But most importantly, lock away your books.

Don’t go near your books:

Revising or even practicing on the day of your exam is the worst idea. Imagine coming across a problem you can’t solve, which would add to your already stressful situation. The only thing we will permit you to do is to go through a list of formula. Other than that, just try to relax.

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