PPSC Lecturer Jobs – Eligibility Criteria & Application Procedure

PPSC Lecturer Jobs details are given in this article. PPSC stands for the Punjab Public Service Commission. It is the Department of recruitment of the Punjab government for the Public Service Division. The PPSC operates to recruit professional candidates on a merit basis for various Public Service Jobs or the Government advisory division. Furthermore, the PPSC selects and recommends individuals on the basis of abilities for various sectors of the government service. The Department of PPSC was established to provide fair and just means to pass candidates through a screening process. They ensure that the selected individuals are competent for the particular job. The Punjab Public Service Commission removes all doubts of selection. Selection is not based on favoritism or influence maintaining PPSC’s integrity and accountability. It provides equal opportunity to everyone. The Punjab Public Service Commission selects the best human resources by providing the best selection method with efficient results.

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PPSC Lecturer Jobs

The PPSC conducts the test, exams, and interviews for recruitment to different services in Punjab. The able people are distributed throughout the posts and provincial services that are concerned with the province of Punjab. The post could belong to the same or any other department or organization. But it operates under the Government of Pakistan. PPSC also plays an advisory role for the Government of Pakistan. They also determine the terms and conditions of the positions offered and the type of personnel to be selected for the posts.

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PPSC Lecturer Jobs for the Department of Education:

The Punjab Public Service Commission operates in multiple departments to match the relevant jobs with relevant personnel. The test for various departments is separate and dependent on the position and grade of the job. The department of education also works in correspondence with PPSC. These jobs are for the pay grades of BS-17 to BS-19.

The Punjab Public Service Commission Lecturer jobs are used to recruit lecturers for different colleges and universities in Punjab. The lecturer job is for various subjects and thus requires candidates of a strong academic background in the particular field. There are a number of candidates having qualifications for various subjects and fields. Students apply for the PPSC jobs in order to be selected for the particular job based on their competence in the field. The application process and requirements for lecturer jobs vary in different fields. The testing is also done differently for the various fields depending on their particular syllabus. The subject names that are expected to be taught and can be applied for are:

English, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Sociology, Zoology, Biology, etc.

The jobs offered for lectureship in the mentioned subjects are of the pay grade BS-17. The qualification for the PPSC lecturer job varies depending on the subjects applied for. But the common criteria that have been set conclude that the applicant must be a graduate from an HEC-recognized institution.

PPSC Lecturer Jobs – Application Procedure:

The eligible candidates can easily apply for their respective positions at the Punjab Public Service Commission website for PPSC Lecturer Jobs. The online application can be accessed at http://ppsc.gop.pk . This application is necessary to be filled for the position of lecturer jobs. The form is general for all types of jobs and all candidates have to fill out the same form. In the case of a lectureship Job, it must be mentioned in the form wherever specified. The form needs to be filled out carefully. The requirements enlisted in the form must be met in order to clear the screening process. There are some guidelines to fill up the form:

  1. There shouldn’t be any spelling mistakes or any sort of typos in the application.
  2. The form should be printed after the completion of the application and rechecking of errors. In the case of any error in the printed application, there is an edit option in the online version application. It can be used to correct the error and the form should be re-printed.
  3. The candidate should provide a valid cell number that is easily reachable in case of any communication through SMS.
  4. The fee for the Punjab Public Service Commission exams should be submitted before filling out the application. It can be done by printing the Challan form from the website. The challan form should be filled and the fee should be submitted in a bank.
  5. Along with their bio-data, the candidates need to add the scanned image of the submitted fee challan.

The following steps suggest an easy and understandable method for filling up the online form for PPSC Lecturer Jobs:

  1. The first thing to consider is the post for which the individual is applying. The post of the individual will determine the information to be entered into The qualification and other particular information related to the post are requested in the first section of the form. The questions asked varies on the candidate’s selection.
  2. In the second section of the form, the information related to the examination fee is added. Some personal information is to be entered by the candidate. General information such as CNIC and other personal information are requested in this section of the form. The bank account details regarding the paid fee are also entered in this section.
  3. In the third section of the form, the personal information of the candidates is requested. The candidates have to enter information like the father’s name, CNIC number, Date of Birth, Hometown
  4. In this portion of the form, the candidates have to enter his/her education details. All information related to the education background needs to be added here. The degree of each education level with correct information of year and the grade obtained are required to be added. The institutions for each education level need to be added too.
  5. In the fifth section of the form, the candidates need to add his/her record and experiences for any prior services. The records should be added in such an order that the most recent experience is added first.
  6. After the completion of the application, the candidate needs to verify that the information entered is correct. After confirmation, the candidates need to submit the application. On pressing the ‘Submit Application button, the confirmation email along with the application code is sent to the candidate. The form can be accessed using the application and printed for the written test or interview.

PPSC Lecturer Jobs – Eligibility Criteria:


The candidates applying for the PPSC lecturer jobs for the Education department have to meet the qualifications criteria set out by PPSC. The jobs are set out for different subjects requiring qualifications in a different field.

  1. The candidate should have a Master’s degree in the respective field or subject or an equivalent qualification.
  2. The minimum grade to be eligible for the job is 2nd
  3. In the case of job in the subject of English, the candidates having an M.A. in English with a grade of 3rd division and a Diploma in English from Allama Iqbal Open University are eligible for application.


The age limit applies to the candidates applying for lecturer jobs. Candidates that do not meet the age limit are not eligible for applying for the PPSC Lecturer job exam. The following are the age limits:

  1. Male candidates ages 21 – 28 are eligible to apply.
  2. There is a general relaxation in the age limit of a male This relaxation is of 5 years, thus the maximum age for male candidates to be eligible to apply is 33 years.
  3. Female candidates ages 21 – 28 are eligible to apply.
  4. There is a general relaxation in the age limit of a female This relaxation is of 8 years, thus the maximum age for female candidates to be eligible to apply is 36 years.


The male candidates are eligible for the Male Lecturer job. Female candidates are eligible for a Female Lecturer job as per the requirements of PPSC.


The candidates can only be eligible to apply for PPSC jobs as long as they are permanent residents of the province of Punjab.

Pay Grade:

The application for the PPSC Lecturer job is the position having a pay grade of BS-17.

PPSC Lecturer Jobs – Important Information:

The guidelines for the test are provided to candidates before the application. The details are given after the submission of the application form. Some important information of PPSC Lecturer Jobs provided to all the candidates are as follows:

  1. The written test for the Punjab Public Service Commission exam is an MCQ-based test. The test is of 100 marks and the syllabus for the test is for master-level education. The test is of 2 hours with the syllabus for ‘comprehension of the subject’ conducted to shortlist the candidates. It is for further screening according to the policy stated by the PPSC.
  2. A candidate can apply for more than one subject. The application for both subjects should be submitted separately.
  3. The dates of written tests are disclosed a while before the submission process closes. The test dates are held one week after the closing date of receipt of applications.

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