How to Prepare for PPSC Exam?


How to Prepare for PPSC Exam?: The only thing that can force you to master PPSC is what PPSC has experienced in the past. If you want to go through the exam as quickly as you can, past papers are a great resource. You may simply get ready for the PPSC test with the aid of the past papers. It’s easy to understand why. This allows you to determine “which question will be most crucial and has been asked repeatedly throughout the years.” This will also turn out to be advantageous. It will broaden your knowledge and aid in your exam preparation because it’s important to understand the conditions you can encounter on the test.

What is the syllabus for PPSC?

On general, the PPSC syllabus is divided between 80% questions about candidate qualifications and 20% questions about general knowledge, Urdu, fundamental math, and Pakistan studies, among other topics.

After the PPSC job announcement has been made, the department uploads the information of each post’s exam syllabus. However here’s the general pattern of what a PPSC paper covers:

  1. Written test marks: 100
  2. Qualification test marks: 80 marks
  3. General questions related to Pakistan Studies, Current Affairs, Geography, Basis Mathematics, Everyday Science, Urdu, English, Basis Computer Studies: 20 marks
  4. Time duration of written test is 90 minutes or 1.5 Hours

Is PPSC difficult?

Many applicants submit applications for the PPSC Test, but only a select few are chosen. Individuals often have a lot of time to prepare for the PPSC test, so regular practice time should be plenty. Since there is just a one-month window in this situation, we must act promptly.

You may finish your exam preparation in the allotted time by committing to the schedule. Remember that while you don’t need to practice nonstop, you do need to devote a significant amount of time to it. Recall to take a break because maintaining your mental wellness is as important. You won’t be able to perform well on the test if you’re under pressure.

How many chances are in PPSC?

There are now three possibilities available for each job, as stated in the first point. Here, it’s important to realize that if you failed a written test for a position three times, you have used up all of your opportunities. However, the number of chances is limited to three; if a candidate fails the written tests or interview for a particular post three times, they will no longer be eligible to take the exam. All positions will therefore be filled by written tests, followed by interviews, or interviews alone.

How can I pass my PPSC interview?

As you are aware, the PPSC educator interviews are difficult; many applicants are unable to pass them since there are so many difficult questions posed.

Each applicant has an interview with one of three interviewers as part of the selection process. The first person asks questions that are specifically linked to the issue, the second man asks questions that are more broad, and the third officer gauges your confidence while also asking some generic questions.

During an interview, you have the chance to demonstrate your knowledge and what makes you unique from your rivals. You might not make it, though, if you’re not prepared.

You can use the following basic advice to ace your PPSC interview:

  1. Before the interview, conduct research on the topic.
  2. Test your interviewing skills by posing your own questions. It could be preferable if you ask one of your friends for assistance.
  3. Be ready to meet other applicants.
  4. Keep in mind your education, experience, and training—what you have accomplished.
  5. Keep in mind all the qualities, skills, and abilities you have that will help you be a great employee.
  6. Read general books, newspapers, etc.
  7. Gather all required paperwork and documentation.
  8. Recall all of your prior interview experience and make an effort to correct any faults you made in the past.

What is the age limit for PPSC?

For recruitment to any position to be filled on the recommendations of the Punjab Public Service Commission, on the basis of the Combined Competitive Examination, as given forth under the applicable regulations, the upper age restriction must not exceed 35 years.

How can I introduce myself in PPSC interview?

Make polite speeches when you introduce oneself. Nod your head and occasionally lean in the direction of the interviewer to show that you are paying attention to what they are saying. Respond positively to inquiries that are negative in nature. Maintain regular eye contact.

Which book is best for PPSC test?

Several books on the PPSC course material and previous exams have been written and published by Dogar Brothers. PPSC solved previous paper books include the most recent year’s past papers, as well as the most recent PPSC obligatory topic guides. For the purpose of preparing for all PPSC subjects, this collection is necessary. To find the PPSC books click:

Online PPSC Test Preparation Course

One of the most renowned online education systems is Tabir Academy. They include a variety of specialist materials and old papers that you are allowed to go through. Tabir Academy provides excellent information on practically all of the PPSC Exam’s topics. All of these come highly recommended if you want to perform well on the PPSC exam. They are the ideal resource for all of your PPSC preparation and offer tailored training for every topic.