What You Need to Know About the MDCAT Entry Test Preparation

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MDCAT is one of The Most Talked-about Entry Tests in Pakistan. Medical and Dental aspirants from all over Pakistan must go through the MDCAT to get admission to their desired colleges/universities, be it Public Sector Medical Colleges or Private Sector Medical Colleges. The primary purpose of the MDCAT is to test the ability of the candidates who aim to get admission in medicine.

According to PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission) report 2021,

Total number of students applied for MDCAT 2,00,000
Total number of seats 16,265

The above numbers make it clear that to get enrolled in medicine, you have to work hard, as the competition is tough. Only 8 out of 100 aspirants got admission in the year 2021. This number should not scare you as you are the ONE, and there are thousands of seats. Keeps your heads high; we are here to guide you!

You have to get 55% marks in MDCAT to qualify for admission in MBBS and 45% to gain entry to BDS. The aggregate is then calculated. The merit aggregate consists of the following:

  • 50% MDCAT marks
  • 40% FSc/A levels marks
  • 10% Matric/O levels marks

 What does MDCAT stand for?

Let’s start with what MDCAT is. MDCAT stands for Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test. A medical or dental aspirant must take this test to qualify for admission to medical/dental colleges or universities in Pakistan.

For the last 2 years, the test was conducted on the national level, but now the test will be conducted provincially. The test will be paper-based, and students will have to fill out the bubble answer sheet, which they are allowed to take with them.

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Students can check their results same day when the answer sheet is uploaded officially online.

MDCAT Syllabus

The test consists of 200 MCQs

Subject Percentage No. of MCQs
English 9% 18
Biology 34% 68
Chemistry 27% 54
Physics 27% 54
Logical Reasoning 3% 6

 How hard is the MDCAT?

As announced officially, the difficulty level of the MDCAT would be:

Hard 20%
Moderate 60%
Easy 20%

30% of questions will be application type, and 70% will be recall type.

A well-known Psychologist once said:

‘It is our attitude at the beginning of the difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect your successful outcome.’

Nothing is hard to achieve if you are consistent and persistent in your attitude. And this attitude decides the approach you adopt. The same is the case with MDCAT. MDCAT is more about competition. And the competition is between YOU and YOU.

We cannot deny the importance of working hard, but when combined with Smart Learning, it’s the cherry on the top.


Hard Work v/s Smart Work

Hard work image

Smart learning is taking charge now; it can take you far ahead.

Different online platforms assist students in achieving their goals. Tabir Academy is one of the most effective and Unique Online Learning Platforms, which makes learning fun and easy. It has all the elements a candidate looks for. Challenge-based learning urges you to learn more, and you reach the top.

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You can visit the course here: https://tabiracademy.com/course/mdcato-preparation-bundle/

 Why is the MDCAT so important?

MDCAT is the gateway to your dreams if you aspire to become a doctor. You HAVE TO go through this gate, and there is no other way. But don’t you worry.


You are the key to your success, and we are here to assist you.

Need assistance with planning? Read here: Ultimate 5 Steps Guide For Acing Your MDCAT Preparation http://blog.tabiracademy.com/mdcat/

 MDCAT requirements or Eligibility Criteria of MDCAT

Want to apply for MDCAT? You need nothing but good marks in your Matriculation/FSc or O/A Levels.

  • 70% marks in FSc/HSSC (pre-medical subjects)
  • 16 years minimum age

 How many times can you take the MDCAT Test?

You can retake the test multiple times! There is no limit to the number of attempts one can make. But your time is precious, and you must make it on the first attempt. If not, you can improve. It’s the bonus!

Where to Buy MDCAT Test Preparation Book?

Looking for The Best Book for MDCAT Preparation? We got you! Smart Brain MDCAT by Dogar Brothers is one of the most authentic books with smart syllabus coverage.

mdcat book

It not only has precise and conceptual notes but also contains practice exercises that can be a great help. Explanations of MCQs are given, further clarifying the confusion and making your concepts clearer. Solved Past Papers are also included in the book to get an idea of what questions are being asked in the exam and where you stand.

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The book and Tabir’s Online Learning Module confirm your flight to success.

mdcat book

Take a look, and you will be amazed at what this package offers.

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