How to Prepare For the Gat Exam? GAT Preparation Tips/Tricks & Guidelines

Gat Exam

How to Prepare For the Gat Exam?: The Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) is a standardized test used in Pakistan to assess the aptitude of candidates seeking admission to graduate programs in various universities and institutions in the country. The test measures the candidate’s abilities in areas such as verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical reasoning. The test is administered by the National Testing Service (NTS) and is typically required for admission to masters and Ph.D. programs in Pakistan. The test is held twice a year, usually in the months of January and July.

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GAT Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates with a minimum of sixteen years of education are eligible to appear in the test.

  • Candidates may take the test if they have completed at least sixteen years of schooling.
  • Candidates who want to raise their GAT score from before can also apply.
  • The candidates will need to meet additional, detailed university requirements.

For admissions purposes, the exam score will be valid for “TWO YEARS.”

GAT exams are divided into two categories:

  • General
  • Subject

These two tests are carried out in order to differentiate between them. Admission to MS and M. Phil programs is determined by the Graduate Assessment Test-General. To be accepted into any of the MS or M. Phil programs, graduate students must pass the General GAT test.

On the other hand, entrance to Ph.D. programs is determined by the Graduate Assessment Test-Subject. This is being held to facilitate recruitment.

Is GAT easy to pass?

The main question you might encounter whenever you come across a new student who wants to pursue higher education is “Is GAT test difficult to pass?”

Although the GAT is challenging to pass, the effort is worthwhile. This exam covers a broad range of subjects, making it difficult for students who are not ready for it. However, anyone can succeed on the GAT with sufficient focus and preparation!

How do I get a good GAT general score?

If the student is committed to their studies and adequately practices for the exam, passing the GAT Test is not difficult. Math, science, and English are just a few of the subjects that are covered on the test. Students must have a thorough understanding of the material and be able to apply it to a variety of situations in order to perform well on the exam. Students also need to be able to comprehend and evaluate challenging passages. The GAT Test may initially seem difficult, but with the right preparation, it is absolutely doable.

How long does it take to prepare for GAT? Or how much time is enough for GAT preparation?

The time frame required can be different as per students’ requirements but, it is suggested to start your gat test preparation at least 3 months before the test and practice one test daily.

What should I study for GAT?

GAT General Test consists of the following three parts:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Analytical reasoning

The proportion of each part in the test varies depending on the purpose of the test (i.e. admission, scholarship, recruitment, etc) or discipline of admission if it is attempted for seeking admission in MS/MPhil program.

How many attempts of GAT are allowed?

NTS conducts Graduate Assessment Test thrice a year hence, candidates have a maximum of three chances to clear the test.

What are passing marks in GAT subjects?

In the case of the GAT, subjects test, a minimum of 60% marks is required to pass.

How to pass GAT test Tips/Tricks

Here are a few tips to help you pass the Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) in Pakistan:

Familiarizing yourself with the test format:

There are 120 minutes available and 100 multiple-choice questions. There is only one mark allotted to each question, and there are no deductions. In addition, there are 30 analytical questions, 30 mathematical questions, and 40 questions in the English section. For biological sciences only. There might be a slight variation for other topics. Visit the National Testing Service (NTS) website for all the information.

Typical components of the English section include reading comprehension questions, fill-in-the-blanks, antonyms, and synonyms. Basic geometry, sets, basic arithmetic, and basic algebra are covered in the questions in mathematics, which are essentially high school level. The majority of the logical riddles and a few logical reasoning tests make up the analytical section.

Preparing for the math section:

Spend a month or two studying elementary math to improve your math abilities. Make an effort to learn geometric and algebraic equations and formulas. Utilize sample questions each day to hone your abilities. The official NTS book contains the most recent GAT format. Although the questions there are not an exact match, you will at least get a general idea of the questions to anticipate.

Preparing for Analytical Section:

By going over sample questions again, you can hone your analytical skills. My favorite book for logical puzzles is the GRE Big Book, which has enough questions in it to last a lifetime. You can attempt to solve puzzles that improve your analytical skills, such as Sudoku or codebreaker.

Preparing for English Section:

There is no quick fix for English. Forget about learning vocabulary word lists by heart. They won’t help you at all and will actually make you feel worse. Try a few books, ideally ones written by British authors. Try to read the English daily columns and opinion pages as well. Anagrams and crossword puzzles can help you broaden your vocabulary. At least one puzzle should be resolved each day.

Time management during the paper:

Time management is crucial in these kinds of exams. Despite the fact that you may be familiar with the answers to every question, poor time management could lead to an incomplete paper and a score reduction. Practice answering 100 questions in the allotted 120 minutes, just as you would on test day. By doing so, you can mimic real test conditions and find your rhythm. After completing these “home tests,” you will feel confident and be able to manage 120 minutes on test day to the best of your ability within a week.

How can I prepare for the GAT exam?

Resource Books:

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