Final Guidelines For Your NET

Final Guidelines For Your NET : So we have discussed how to prepare for the NET, along with some tips and tricks that would be extremely useful while attempting the exam. However, you may still have some questions. Here we cover some of the most frequently asked questions about what to expect from the NET.

Final Guidelines For Your NET

Final Guidelines For Your NET are given below:

Q: Is there any Negative Marking?

There is no negative marking involved in the NET. You can still answer a question at a whim, even if it’s wrong you won’t lose any additional marks.

Q: How much is one question worth?

Every MCQ is worth 1 point. So if you answer an MCQ incorrectly, you will only lose that one point.

Q: How many MCQ’s do we have to attempt?

NET’s for all courses (Engineering, Architecture, Medical, and Business) include 200 MCQ’s. There is no choice to skip any question.

Q: What is the time length of the NET?

You’ll be given 3 hours to attempt your NET.

Q: What things are we allowed to take with us?

You are not allowed to take anything with you. Watches with calculators on them may be confiscated. Mobiles, calculators or any such thing which may potentially aid you during the test is too submitted to a guard outside the test center. During the test you will be given a pen, a paper and a water bottle.

Q: How much time should I spend on one question?

All questions take a different amount of time. Some will take 10 seconds, some will take upto 3 minutes. Give every question its due time, but don’t keep hovering over one question.

Q: What are the subjects for the NET’s of different courses?

NUST Entry Test is conducted in the following subjects for various categories:

  • Engineering (FSc Pre-Engineering group): Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English & Intelligence

Mathematics hold the highest weightage here with a total of 80 MCQ’s.

  • Engineering / Computer Science: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry / Computer Science, English & Intelligence

Mathematics hold the highest weightage here with a total of 80 MCQ’s.

  • Medical / Applied Biosciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English and Intelligence

Biology hold the highest weightage here with a total of 80 MCQ’s.

  • Business Studies / Social Sciences: Verbal (English), General Mathematics & Intelligence

Verbal English & General Mathematics have an equal weightage with 80 MCQ’s each.

  • BS Mathematics: Mathematics, English & Intelligence

Mathematics hold the highest weightage here with a total of 170 MCQ’s.

  • BS Physics: Physics, Mathematics, English & Intelligence

Physics & Mathematics hold the highest weightage here with 90 and 80 MCQ’s respectively.

  • Bachelor in Architecture / Bachelor in Industrial Design: Mathematics, Physics, English, Intelligence, Cognitive & Aptitude Test

Cognitive & Aptitude Test has the highest weightage with 80 MCQ’s in total.

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