Exam Strategy of NET – NUST Entrance Test

Exam Strategy of  NUST NET (NUST Entrance Test) : Exam Strategy of NET (NUST Entrance Test) is available in this article. Planning and devising strategy for any test or work is the key to success. Some of the strategies to pass the exam are mentioned below:

Exam Strategy of NET (NUST Entrance Test) 

Exam Strategy of NET (NUST Entrance Test) is given below:

1) Create a study plan

  • After your progress on diagnostic test choose areas that you need to focus on.
  • Allocate hours to each subject and section.
  • Review and go through your practice tests.

2) How to approach Multiple Choice Questions( MCQ’s)

  • It tests your ability to spot errors in Grammar, sentence structure and paragraph structure.
  • Identify the answer. You don’t have to come for the answer from scratch you just have to identify from the given options.
  • This is often done by eliminating the wrong ones. You just have to use the process of elimination.
  • Guessing the answer is also a technique but it should be adopted less often. This can be avoided by studying reference books.

3) General Tips

  • Read the test directions carefully.
  • All questions carry equal value so solve the easy ones first.
  • Be vigilant and confidant.
  • Read the statement twice before attempting the answer.
  • Allocate time to each question.

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