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CSS Screening Test

On October 27, 2021, there was a critical tweet. Through the official account of Federal Public Service Commission Updates, a new screening test in CSS was introduced. FPSC introduced this test which will take place before the written exam. You need to clear this test to continue to the next stage. It is predicted that this test will be conducted in February 2022. Such screening tests are held before competitive examinations all over the world. Thus, this is common in other countries and is now being introduced in CSS Examinations. Moreover, a screening test is already there in the PMS (Provincial Management Service) examinations in KPK and Sindh.


Now, the CSS Examinations are going to include;

Screening Test,

  1. Written examination,
  2. Medical examination,
  3. Psychological Assessment, and
  4. Viva Voce.



Dr. Ishrat Hussain proposed a similar screening test before the CSS exams of 2019. Additionally, he evaluated that in written exam, medical and psychological assessment, and viva voce, the specific knowledge of the domains is not accessed. Thus, a psychometric test should be there to do this and also evaluate the applicant’s motivation towards the civil service. However, the federal cabinet thought this test might put the candidates from underdeveloped areas at a disadvantage. Thus, they rejected the recommendation.


Css Screening Test Format

Firstly, this test is going to be objective-based. Secondly, you need to have a 33% or above score to reach the next stage. Moreover, it will include questions from the compulsory subjects.

Here is the suggested breakdown of the screening test:

Subject Curriculum No. of MCQs
Urdu Translation, Grammar Usage 20
English Comprehension, Grammar Usage, Vocabulary 50
General Knowledge Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, Everyday Science 50
Islamic Studies   20
General Ability General Mental Ability, Basic Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry (SSC Level), logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability 60


The MCQ-based test can be a good addition, especially for candidates who lack critical thinking skills. In Fact, such candidates are better at rote-learning or cramming the syllabus. Furthermore, the ones who are better at critical thinking and are not good at remembering the exact details will be at a disadvantage. Based on this, there is a clear prediction that people who are good at rot learning will be qualifying for the next stage, I.e., written examination. On the other hand in this stage, candidates need to have good critical thinking skills. However, very few candidates will have that. Thus, the number of candidates who will clear the written examination is likely to be reduced.

The exact dates of the screening test and the syllabus are not released yet, but if you have prepared enough for the written exam, this would not be much of a challenging task for you.

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