10 tips on how to ace SATs

10 tips on how to ace SATs

Are you worried about scoring a good score on SATs? Are you stressed about how to meet the SAT Test criteria of your dream College or University? Do not worry; we have got you covered. Here are 10 Tips on How to ace SATs.

Scholastic Assessment Test, known as SATs, is a well-known entry test with two types, i.e., SAT-I and SAT-II. SAT-I, being a more general test aimed to gauge the mathematical skills and grip over the language, is more taken by the students than the SAT-II, a subject-based test, important for engineering schools. It is popular among Grade 11 and 12 students like you due to its acceptance in local universities and colleges abroad, especially in Canada and the USA.

In recent times, college applications have been becoming more complex. Thus, the importance of SAT Tests has increased to secure a place in the dream colleges. For this, here is a list of tips that are to help you in acing your SATs.

Tip 1: Get Familiarized with SATs

The first step to everything is to get to know it. Go through general guidelines, rules, and format of SAT Test. To help you understand better, SAT-I consists of three sections, i.e., Evidence-based reading and writing and mathematics with calculator and no calculator sections. Each section is a timed one. This means you have to complete a section in a given set time, and you cannot go back to it once the time for the next section is started. There is also an optional essay exam. You may have to take it if your college requires that. So, make sure to confirm your college and university requirements and then register for SATs accordingly.

Tip 2: Decide the goal to be achieved Through SATs

Once you understand the requirement of the SAT Test for your college/ university, research how much score you need to get in there. After thoroughly analyzing, set a realistic target.

Tip 3: Make a Schedule According to SATs

Now, it is time to make a schedule for the test preparation. Remember,

“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” ~ Benjamin Franklin


Count the days in your test date, and then divide the syllabus accordingly. Two to three months is the ideal time to prepare and score well enough in SAT Test. Make your preparation schedule while keeping in mind your school’s curricular and co-curricular.

Tip 4: Make Strategies, Follow and Revamp 

Go over the entire syllabus, take a practice test, identify your weak points and work on them. Once you start the preparation, identify the strategies that suit you. For instance, for the reading section, people generally follow two techniques; skimming through the passage and answering the questions along the way or reading the passage entirely and then answering the questions. Identify which one suits you and follow that. However, never be afraid of amending your strategies. Keep changing them if you realize they need to be altered.

Tip 5: Carefully Read the Questions

In SATs, the key is to understand what is asked in the question. So, do not rush in answering the questions. First, read them carefully and then answer them.

Tip 6: Got stuck? Move to the Next Question

Be mindful of the time. Every question is to be answered in less than a minute. This means if you are stuck on a question for around 30 seconds, choose the best possible answer and move to the next one. There is a 25% possibility of getting that question right. Moreover, there is no penalty, so better to avail 25% chance than 0% by leaving it blank. Every question is essential so, do not waste the time of following questions on that particular one.


Tip 7: Finish the Exam 5 minutes Before

It is always better to aim to complete the test around 3-5 minutes before the time. In this way, you will get the time to recheck and go over some of the questions you were doubtful about. Utilize this time to match your answers marked on the question booklet and the shaded ones in the answer booklet.

Tip 8: Prepare for the Test Day

Go to your test center prepared. Arrive at the venue before your reporting time. Read the instructions on the items that are allowed and follow that. Take water and something sweet to eat between the breaks and regain your energy.

Tip 9: Practice from Official Past Papers

While preparing for SAT Test, make sure to practice the questions from the official website of the College Board and past papers. It is important to practice the questions in a similar format because they will prepare you rightly for what to expect on the exam day.


In addition to the website of the College Board, get a hand over a reliable guidebook such as NOVA’S SAT Preparation Course by Dogar Brothers. This guidebook contains three sections and detailed questions according to the test format, which makes you get ready for the exam in a perfect way. You can order book online here.


Tip 10: Final Advice

SAT preparation can be exhausting but stay motivated, eat healthily and keep following your schedule.

It is not difficult to ace SAT Test if you have planned your preparation efficiently. So, focus on that.

Good Luck!

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