What Your NET Result Means

What Your NET Result Means : While going in for an entry test, the only thing going through your mind is whether you’ll make it or not. Here we discuss in detail what your NET score means and whether you have a shot at getting an admission in NUST.

What Your NET Result Means

First of all, you will receive you NET score about 10 days after you’ve given your test. Since each of the 200 MCQ’s is worth one point, so your score will be out of 200. Bitter truth first, if your score is below 100 there is a very, very low chance you’ll get admission in your desired course and if the competition is tough you may not get an admission at all.


A score above 110 is considered safe and you may get admission in some of the lower ranked courses. For Engineering, score of 125 above is safe. Higher merit courses like Electrical and Mechanical Engineering require a safe score of 140 plus.

Medical and Applied Bio-Sciences:

For Medical and Applied Bio-Sciences, the competition is very tough. To get accepted in the MBBS and BDS programmes your score should be above 170.  For Applied Bio-Sciences you may even get accepted with a score of 140.

Architecture & Business Studies:

For Architecture & Business Studies both 130 plus is considered a safe score.

Once all the tests have been conducted, that’s when the merit lists start coming out. First your merit position will be intimated to you. Your merit position is basically your rank out of the total number of students who gave the test. Every year the merit lists patterns remain the same and their are no drastic changes. So once you have seen your merit position you can compare it with 2015’s closing merit positions to check if you have a shot.



The closing merit positions for each course tend to change with every new merit list. About 7 – 8 merit lists are displayed, here’s an example of the differential in the opening and final closing merit positions. This year when the first merit position was displayed the closing merit for Electrical Engineering was 487. On the last merit list, this number had gone down to 720. Similarly, for Mechanical Engineering the merit number went from 396 to 611 between the first and last merit list. So if you want admission in the top courses like Electrical, Mechanical, Software or Chemical Engineering make sure your merit position is in the top 1000. A score of 135+ will easily get you a merit position under 1000 and give you a shot at the top courses.


BBA and Accounting & Finance are considered the top business courses at NUST. You need a merit position of 400 for a guaranteed admission in these courses. For other courses like Economics and Mass Communication, you may get an admission with a merit number touching 1000.


The competition is very tough in Architecture. For a guaranteed admission your merit position needs to be below 50. For Industrial Design a merit position of 200 will also work.


To be on the safe side your merit position should be around 300. However, this number eventually touches 1000 so you’re safe even if you didn’t get accepted in the first merit list.

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