SAT preparation and complete guidelines


SAT stands for “Scholastic Assessment Test” and is the entrance test for the students to take admission for undergraduates in the universities abroad, mainly the US and Canada. It is accepted in many local universities, too, including LUMS and NUST. The College Board holds the SAT Exam. Moreover, there are two types of SATs, i.e., SAT-I and SAT-II. SAT-I is to gauge the language and mathematical skills of the students. Furthermore, SAT-II is a subject-based test and involves subjects like Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. SAT-I is a general entry test which many universities accept. Additionally, SAT-II is usually needed for admissions in engineering subjects.


Format and General Guidelines about SATs

This test is held by The College Board twice a year for the Grade 11 and 12 students. In Pakistan, the SAT-I Test mostly takes place in March, October, and December.

It is a standardized written MCQs test that is further divided into three core areas, i.e., Maths, Evidence-Based Reading, and Writing. In addition to this, there is an optional Essay exam too which is required by few universities. Moreover, the total time for the test is 3 hours 50 minutes, excluding the optional essay test.


The Breakdown of the sections are as follows;

Section Sub-Section Testing Time and Breakdown Number of Questions Content/ Topics
Evidence-Based Reading and Writing –          Reading



–          Writing

65 Minutes



35 Minutes






Reading and vocabulary




Mathematics Section 1: No- Calculator


Section 2: Calculator

25 Minutes



80 Minutes


58 Questions Combined

Algebra, problem-solving, data analysis, advanced maths, additional topics (trigonometry, pre-calculus, and geometry)
Essay (optional) 50 Minutes


How to apply for SAT?

You can register for the test through The College Board website. You can select your desired test date and choose the test center of your choice too. Once you register for the SAT, you will have to pay the fees as an online transaction.

Moreover, the College Board selects some places as the test centers in the local areas, where the SAT Exams are conducted. The test centers are there in most of the major cities of Pakistan, so you will not have an issue getting a center. However, keep in mind that these centers hold seats on first-come-first-basis. This means that you should register for the test at the earliest to get your desired center. Furthermore, once the seats of a center are filled, it gets closed, and you will have to choose from the remaining centers then.


Preparation Tips for SATs

  • Like every exam, practice is the key to success. Thus, start preparing for the exam as soon as possible.
  • Make sure to go through the syllabus entirely and after counting the days left in the test, make a schedule.
  • Practice questions from all the topics.
  • There are 7-8 official past papers available for test preparation. Remember to attempt those.
  • Have a realistic target to achieve.
  • Prepare with the NOVA’S SAT Preparation Course by Dogar Brothers.
  • If you have few days left, one helpful tip is to take one practice test, analyze your weak points, and then focus on them more than the others.


NOVA’S SAT Preparation Course by Dogar Brothers

It is essential to have a good coursebook to prepare for the SAT Exams to score well. Dogar Brothers have brought a guidebook for the exact purpose for your ease. The guidebook contains three sections, i.e., Verbal Reasoning, Mathematical Reasoning, and Critical Reasoning.


Important Features of the Preparation Guide

  • Section-wise preparation focused practice questions.
  • 400 Essential and High-frequency words for better grip on the verbal part.
  • Twenty-two detailed chapters with step-by-step solutions to understand the question entirely.
  • Tips and tricks to crack the reading passages that are necessary for the critical reasoning section.
  • Sample Papers to give you the experience of the actual test.
  • Free home delivery within 1 to 5 working days

All the features mentioned above will enable you to plan your test preparation in the way that suits you. All the topics are covered in-depth, along with questions from past papers to help you prepare in the best way possible. Additionally, you will not have to go to any test preparation centers, and thus, there is no physical hassle involved. Not only this, the NOVA’S SAT Preparation Course by Dogar Brothers will be delivered at your footstep, and you will not have to worry about going and grabbing a copy of yours.


General FAQs regarding SATs

  1. Who are eligible to apply for SATs?

Usually, the Grade 11 and 12 students appear for the SAT Exams as they have to apply for undergraduate programs, as taking this test is an admission criterion for most universities.

  1. For how long are the scores of SATs considered to be valid?

Once you appear in the SATs, your scores are valid for two years. This means that you can apply for the undergraduate programs for the next two years with the same scores by taking them once. However, after this, you will have to appear again as the scores will no longer remain valid.

  1. What are the total marks of the SAT Exam?

The Sat Exams are scored out of 1600. The minimum you can get is 400, and the maximum is 1600, which is considered a perfect score. Both English and Mathematics contain equal weightage, i.e., both of them have a total of 800 marks.


Thus, do not wait! Order your copy of NOVA’s SAT Preparation Here and start making a schedule for your upcoming SAT Exam.





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