Types Of Entry Tests In Pakistan

Entry Tests in Pakistan


Nowadays entry tests specific to fields are becoming common. There are various entry tests introduced in Pakistan which are limited to the specific field. Few of these tests are conducted at the central level and some are specific to the universities. qualifying these entry tests is a requirement for the admissions in universities. Some of these tests are listed below:



Centralized/ General Entry Tests:

These are the tests which are conducted at a national level and are accepted by a range of universities.


  1. MDCAT

One of the most common entry tests is MDCAT, which is a prerequisite of admissions in MBBS and BDS programs. All the public and private universities require this entry test for admissions in their MBBS and BDS programs. It is a computer-based test which is usually around 3 hours 30 minutes long. In this test, knowledge regarding science subjects I.e., biology, physics, and chemistry, along with logical reasoning and English language are tested. It is offered once a year. Students even waste their one year of life if they are unable to score good marks on this test. This is indeed a very competitive entry test for which students start preparing months before the test date. Some students even go to academies for the preparation.


  1. ECAT

ECAT stands for Engineering Colleges’ Admission Test. It is a computer-based test that is required to take admission in BE/ BSc/ BS Engineering programs in public and private universities in the province of Punjab. It is administered by the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. This test is usually around 1 hour 40 minutes long and takes place in May or June every year. It is divided into four main portions I.e., Mathematics, Physics, English and one from Chemistry, Statistics, or Computer Science.


  1. SAT

Scholastic Aptitude Test is an international test which is common in Pakistan as many universities in US and now in Pakistan too give admissions on the basis of this test. It is administered by the College Board. It is offered multiple times in a year which means that if you are unable to score your required score in one attempt you can appear again in the same year. There are two types of SAT I.e., SAT-I and SAT-II. SAT-I is required generally by the universities all across the country. However, SAT-II is subject-based test which engineering universities like NUST consider for giving admissions in their programs.


  1. LAT

LAT stands for the Law Admission Test. This has become a requirement by the HEC for admission in a five-year law program in any university. It is administered by HEC who introduced this test recently in 2018. The centers are made in major cities of the country and is a very generalized kind of test.


  1. GRE

GRE, the Graduate Record Examinations, is also a standardized international test. It is administered by Educational Testing Service. This test is required by many graduate schools in Canada and US for the admissions in Master’s and Doctoral degree programs. It is conducted in around 160 countries and is around 3 hours and 45 minutes long. The scores of GRE remain valid till 5 years. This means that you can use the same scores for next 5 years to get admission.


University Specific Entry Tests

Some tests are specific to the universities but are still very common. Most significant examples of this are NUST Entry Test, and Agha Khan University Admission Test.


  • NUST Entry Test

NUST Entry Test known as NET is common among the students of FSC and A’levels. There are three series of tests which start from December every year and continues till April or May. The candidates can choose their desire date in each series accordingly. The syllabus usually covers FSC and A’levels one so you really do not have to study anything extra for this test. This test is conducted at three major cities of Pakistan I.e., Islamabad, Karachi, and Quetta. In Islamabad it is conducted as a computer-based test but in Karachi and Quetta it is conducted on paper-based format.


  • Agha Khan University Admission Test

Agha Khan University is considered the top university for medicine in Pakistan. It is usually conducted in July every year and is only conducted once a year. This is the reason it is a competitive test as all the students try to clear it within one go. The students have to clear this test in order to secure their admission in AKU. Hence, this test is of extreme importance.


In conclusion, there are some tests which are common and are accepted by various universities. This means that by giving one test you can apply to different universities. Other than this, there are some universities that hold their own tests. This means that if you are planning to apply to various universities get ready to appear in various entry tests.

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