Your Study Guide for PAF GD Pilot Initial Test

Your Study Guide for PAF GD Pilot Initial Test

Your Study Guide for PAF GD Pilot Initial Test: For many students, it is a dream to become a part of Pakistan Airforce. Only a few are able to clear all the tests and achieve their dream. The first step for getting admission in Pakistan Air Force Academy is clearing their initial test. Following is your study guide to prepare for the initial test:

PAF Initial test Conceptual LearningConceptual Learning

The PAF Initial test has three sections; Intelligence questions, physics and English questions. These questions test your critical thinking ability. It is important for you to have a  deeper understanding of the concepts.

Preparing Early

You should have plenty of time for preparation and practice. You should start preparing way before the exam date to have time for solving maximum past papers. You should make a study plan and follow it during your preparation.

Solve Practice Tests

Practice is very important element of your preparation. You should practice a great number of PAF GD pilot initial test past papers and practice tests, before the final exam.

Study Smartly

paf intelligence test


The entrance test evaluates you based on your knowledge, critical thinking ability and time management skill. You should prepare while keeping this in your mind. You should go for online resources to prepare well in the least time.


Put your plan in action with Tabir

You can choose for your online preparation. It provides you:

  • Concept-based learning with maximum number of practice questions.
  • Learning box, which has all the essential study material including all the practice tests that you need.
  • 24/7 access to the study material

Start preparing for PAF GD pilot initial test now!

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