ISLAMIC STUDIES CSS Syllabus 2016: Candidates will be expected to display in depth knowledge of basic  Islamic concepts, Seerah of Prophet Mohammad (PBAH),Human Rights in Islam and knowledge of Islamic history and civilization and understanding of Islamic code of life.

  1. Introduction of Islam.
    • Concept of Islam.
    • Importance of Deen in Human Life.
    • Difference between Deen and Religion.
    • Distinctive Aspects of Islam.
    • Islamic Beliefs & its Impact on Individual & Society and the Fundamental of Islam.Islamic Worships: Spiritual, Moral and Social Impact.
  2. Study of Seerah of Prophet Mohammad (PBAH) as Role Model for:-
    • Individual
    • Diplomat
    • Educator
    • Military Strategist
    • Peace Maker
  • Human Rights & Status of Woman in Islam.
    • Human Rights and Status of Woman in Islam
    • Dignity of Men and Women
  1. Islamic Civilization and Culture:
    • Meanings and the Vital Elements
    • Role of Civilization in Development of Human Personality and Communities
    • Distinctions of Islamic Civilization (Tauheed, Spiritualism, Dignity of Man, Equality, Social Justice, Moral Values, Tolerance, Rule of Law)
  2. Islam and World.
    • Impact of Islamic Civilization on the West and Vice Versa. The Role of Islam in the Modern World.
    • Muslim World and the Contemporary Challenges. Rise of Extremism.
  3. Public Administration and Governance in Islam
    • Concept of Public Administration in Islam  Quranic Guidance on Good Governance
    • Concept of Governance and its Applications in the light of Quran, Sunnah and Fiqh.
    • Governance Structure in Islam i.e. (Shura, Legislation, Sources of Islamic Law)
    • Governance under Pious Khelifat
    • Particular letters of Hazrat Umar (R.A) and Hazrat Ali (R.A) to different Authority.
    • Responsibilities of Civil Servants
    • System of Accountability in Islam
  • Islamic Code of Life.
    • Salient Features of Islamic Systems, Social System, Political System, Economic System, Judicial System, Administrative System,  Procedure of Ijmah and Ijtehad

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