Do not Attend an Academy for NET Preparation

Do not Attend an Academy for NET is the main theme of this article. Why You Should Not Attend an Academy to Prepare for The NET? If you’re among the thousands who think that an academy is the only thing that will help you pass your NET, you are wrong.

Why You Should Not Attend an Academy to Prepare for The NET?

Do not Attend an Academy for NET Preparation

We are here to tell you why you don’t need an academy to prepare for the NET. The answer is simple: you just don’t need them. If anything, academies are a waste of your time and money.

If you’re still not convinced, we have spoken to several students studying in NUST right now who got accepted on their own. The academies won’t teach anything you don’t already know. As mentioned before, the NET is based on the coursework of FSc. , nothing is included other than what you already know. The only thing you need most is practice. The questions in the NET will be based on what you’ve studied but the way the question is asked that is what’s tricky. You need to understand what is being asked. You can’t get good at it if you’re analytical and problem solving skills are weak.

Majority of the FSc. students tend to spend their two years at college rote-learning their course books. What they don’t develop is the knack of solving problems. And it’s not entirely their fault because the paper pattern demands it. But solving problems is not hard. Okay, at the beginning it may seem a little tough. You not understand what is asked and how to solve it. Perseverance and practice is what will get you through.

If you’re not confident, give all three NET’s. This will give you an idea of what the questions are like and how to attempt them. Take what you learnt from the experience and use it to better your score the next time.

Most of the academies have a physically and mentally exhausting time table. A student appearing for an entrance exam does not need more pressure then he’s already under. Rather than wasting 10 hours every day, study at home. Buy preparatory books and solve those problems. Time yourself. Try to solve the problems faster. And avoid the use of calculators and master the art of mental calculations.

Work on the areas you think you’re weak in, and you’re good to go. The academies won’t teach anything new. Work hard and good luck!

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