Ultimate Guide for PAF GD Pilot Initial Test

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Ultimate Guide for PAF GD Pilot Initial Test Description:

Ultimate Guide for PAF GD Pilot Initial Test Description is given below.

  1. Aeronautical Engineering
  2. A complete Preparation Guide to Achieve Higher Marks
  3. To the Point Study Material
  4. Full syllabus coverage
  5. Solution for Better learning
  6. Tips and Techniques
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Ultimate Guide for PAF GD Pilot Initial Test :


Inside This Book
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Join Pakistan Air Force as Commissioned Officer

  • GD (P) COURSE (Eligibility Criteria)
  • GD (P) COURSE (SSC) (Eligibility Criteria)
  • Selection Procedure
  • Future Prospects
  • Ineligibility Conditions

Online or E-Test

  • What is Online Test
  • Procedure of E-Testing


  • Verbal Intelligence Test
  • Non – Verbal Intelligence Test
  • Academic Test
  • Preliminary Interview at Selection Centers
  • Sample ISSB Test
  • Medical Test


لفظی ذہنی امتحانات (Verbal Intelligence Test)

  • نمبر سیریز(Number Series)
  • لیٹر سیریز (Letter Series)
  • لیٹر کوڈنگ (Letter Coding)
  • مشابہت (Analogy Test)
  • ڈائریکشن ٹیسٹ (Direction Test)

غیر لفظی یا اشکال پر مشتمل ذہنی آزمائش (Non-Verbal Intelligence Test)

  • تکمیل سلسلہ (Series Completion)
  • موازنہ یا تشبیہ (Analogy Test)
  • تعلق معلوم کرنا
  • غیر مشابہ یا جنبی کو پہچاننا (Classification)
  • تصویر مکمل کرنا



  • English Practice Test 1
  • English Practice Test 2
  • English Practice Test 3


  • Physics Practice Test 1
  • Physics Practice Test 2
  • Physics Practice Test 3


  • Verbal Intelligence Practice Test 1
  • Verbal Intelligence Practice Test 2
  • Verbal Intelligence Practice Test 3


  • Non-Verbal Intelligence Practice Test 1
  • Non-Verbal Intelligence Practice Test 2
  • Non-Verbal Intelligence Practice Test 3

Preliminary Interview for Defense Forces

How to Use This Package.

  • Start by attempting the Diagnostic Test, which has been added in order to test your current knowledge of the syllabus. Once you attempt the Test, fill in the Result Chart in order to see how you performed. Don’t worry if the score isn’t satisfactory! Tabir will help you achieve a remarkable score by helping you work on your weak areas.
  • Clear all the Levels included in the Module. If you answer a question correctly, you will proceed to the next question. If you answer incorrectly, you will be directed to the Learning Box, where the concept will be explained to you in detail. This ensures that you attempt it correctly on the upcoming Levels. Your progress will be updated on the Progress Indicator on the screen, which will help you gauge your preparation. This has been explained in Preparation Steps
  • Once you have cleared all the Levels, refer to the two Self-Improvement Tests that have been given in the book. Attempt the tests and fill the Result Chart accordingly. Compare the Diagnostic Test Result Chart to the Self-Improvement Tests Result Chart in order to determine your preparation for your Entry Test

Visit the link for the Online Learning System:

Go to link: How to Prepare for the Test.

How to use PAF GD Pilot Online Preparation Module?

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