ASF Past Paper



Part-I (English)

1. The debate was______ the following week.  

(A) Adjourned to (C) Adjourned of

(B) Adjourned with (D) None of these

2. Which of the following spelling are correct?

(A) Aggrandize       (B) aggraniz

(C) Aggraadiz (D) None of these

3. When it comes to backstabbing, a quill _______ be _______ than a dagger.

(A) must, better       (B) will, superior 

(C) may, sharper     (D) None of these

4. _______ you ever been to Amsterdam?

(A) Do (B) Does

(C) Have (D) None of these

5. The investigative journalist is not willing to reveal the identity of her_______.

(A) informal (B) inform

(C) informant (D) None of these

6. The synonym of Connoisseur is:

(A) Ignorant (B) Delinquent

(C) Love of art        (D) None of these

7. The synonym of Gruesome is:

(A) Tragic (B) Frightful

(C) Painful (D) None of these

8. The synonym of Bemoan is:

(A) Denounce (B) Soothe

(C) Lament (D) None of these

9. The synonym of Abandon is:

(A) Discontinue       (B) Abscond

 (C) Neglect (D) None of these

10. The synonym of Wrath is:

(A) Violence(B) Jealousy

(C) Anger (D) None of these

11. The antonym of Military is:

(A) Militant (B) Civil

(C) Civility (D) None of these

12. The antonym of Subversion is:

(A) Clarity (B) Compliance

(C) Sanity (D) None of these

13. The antonym of Provoke is:

(A) Sooth (B) Anger

(C) Insult (D) None of these

14. The antonym of Categorical is:

(A) Absolute (B) Certain

(C) Conditional        (D) None of these

15. The antonym of Dearth is:

(A) Shortage (B) Famine

(C) Abundance       (D) None of these

Choose the exact preposition

16. I am glad _______ your success.

(A) to (B) For

(C) of (D) None of these

17. The whole nation was _______ the president.

(A) behind (B) to

(C) for (D) None of these

18. We trust_______ one God.

(A) at (B) in

(C) on (D) None of these

 19. Neha is travelling ________ the school. 

(A) off(B) of 

(C) Towards (D) None of these 

20. As _______ me, I will be happy _______ lend a hand. 

(A) about, with (B) for, it 

(C) in, for (D) None of these 


21. ? = (88 x 42) +16

(A) 53361 (B) 43163

(C) 39660 (D) None of these

22. The smallest number of 5 digits beginning with 3 and ending with 5 is ________.

(A) 30015 (B) 31005

(C) 30005 (D) None of these

23. How many numbers up to hundred are divisible by 7?

(A) 14  (B) 107

(C) 93       (D) None of these

24. The sum of the consecutive numbers is given, what is the difference between first and third number?

  (A) 1 (B) 3

(C) 2 (D) None of these

25. What number has to be added to each term of 3.5 to make the ration 5.6?

(A) 6 (B) 7

(C) 12 (D) None of these

26. The ratio of ages of two students is 3 : 2. One is order to the other by 5 years. What is the age of the younger student?

(A) 2 years (B) 10 years

(C) 15 years (D) None of these

27. The mean proportional of 0.25 and 0.04: 

(A) 0.01 (B) 0.1 

(C) 10V10 (D) None of these

28. The ratio of as and B’s salary is 9:4. If As salary increased by 15% then his total salary becomes Rs. 5175. What is the salary of B? 

(A) Rs-2000 (B) RS4000 

(C) Rs4500 (D) None of these

29. How is ½ % expressed as a decimal fraction?

(A) 0.005 (B) 0.05

(C) 0.5 (D) None of these

30. In an examination, 65% of the total examinees passed. If the number of failures is 420, then the total number of examinees is _______.

(A) 500 (B) 1000 

(C) 1200 (D) None of these

31. 9% of 64 +32% of 90 = ?

(A) 34.65 (B) 40

(C) 45 (D) None of these

32. In 1 kg mixture of sand and iron, 20% is iron. How much sand should be added so that the proportion of iron becomes 10%?

(A) 1 kg (B) 200 gms

(C) 500 gms (D) None of these

33. The mean of 100 items was found to be 30. If two observation were wrongly taken as 32 and 12 instead of 23 and 11, find the correct mean. 

(A) 29.7 (B) 29.8

(C) 29.9 (D) None of these

34. If the arithmetic mean of 6 numbers is 45, what is the total sum of these numbers?

(A) 27 (B) 45

(C) 65 (D) None of these

35. In a class of 52 students the number of boys is two less than the number of girls. Average weight of the boys is 42 kg, while the average weight of all the 52 students is 40 kg. What is the approx. average weight of the girls? 

(A) 38 kg (B) 40 kg 

(C) 42 kg (D) None of these

36. The average of 7 consecutive numbers is 20. The largest of these numbers is?

(A) 22 (B) 23

(C) 24 (D) None of these

37. What is the greatest possible length of a scale that can be used to measure exactly the lengths 3m. 5m 10cm and 12m 90cm?

(A) 30 cm (B) 20 cm

(C) 10 cm (D) None of these

38. What is the least number to be added to 631 to make it perfect square?

(A) 25 (B) 30

(C) 45 (D) None of these

39. The age of Pakistan is:

(A) 76 years (B) 74 years

(C) 73 years (D) None of these

40. If a*b=2a+3b, then the value of 2*3 +3*4 is:

(A) 21 (B) 31

(C) 32 (D) None of these

41. Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan, reached in Moscow for 2-days official visit of Russia on?

(A) February 23, 2022 (B) February 25, 2022

(C) February 27, 2022 (D) None of these

42. In August 2021, China inaugurated a new trade route via ship, road and rail through:

(A) Thailand (B) Myanmar

(C) Bangladesh       (D) None of these

43. Tokyo Olympics held on

(A) 24 March 2020 (B) June 06, 2020 

(C) July 23. 2021     (D) None of these

44. The European Union is set to become the largest economic bloc in the world to completely ban the sale of conventional (combustion engine) cars by

(A) 2035 (B) 2045

(C) 2050 (D) None of these

45. What is the name of telescope which is sent to space on December 24, 2021?

(A) Hubble Space Telescope (B) Kepler Space Telescope

(C) James Webb Space Telescope (D) None of these

46. Winter Olympics 2022 was opened on. 

(A) February 04      (B) February 24 

(C) March 14 (D) None of these

47. When did Israel open Embassy in the United Arab Emirates?

(A) June 2020        (B) January 2021

(C) July 2021 (D) None of these

48. Current UN Secretary General reelected for second term in June 2021. How long is the term?

(A) 3 years (B) 4 years

(C) 5 years (D) None of these

49. In March 2021 a ship blocked the Suez Canal for six days, what was the name of the ship?

(A) Ever Given        (B) Ever Good

(C) Ever Giant        (D) None of these

50. In January 2021, Samia Suluhu Hassan became the first women president of which country?

(A) Morocco (B) Tunis

(C) Tanzania (D) None of these

51. Brexit came into force after a year wrangling on:

(A) January 01, 2020

(B) January 01. 2021

(C) January 01, 2022 (D) None of these

52. The 2021 Noble Prize for Literature was awarded to novelist Abdul Razak Gurnah of:

(A) Kenya (B) Somalia

(C) Tanzania (D) None of these

53. Who claims the responsibility of attack near Abu Dhabi’s main Airport on January 17, 2022?

(A) Al-Qaeda (B) ISIS-K

(C) Yemen’s Houthis (D) None of these

54. In September 2021, a trilateral security partnership was announced between the USA, UK and Australia to provide Australia with nuclear powered submarines in the Asia Pacific region, which is styled as:


(C) UKAUS (D) None of these

55. Which country’s president is the current Chairman of African Union (AU)?

(A) South Africa      (B) Egypt

(C) Senegal (D) None of these

56. Who is the first woman prime minister of Tunis?

(A) Sadia Agrebi      (B) Halima Kanni

(C) Najla Bouden    (D) None of these

57. Famous playback singer Lata Mangeshkar died in Mumbai at the age of 92 on:

(A) January 04, 2022 (B) February 05, 2022

(C) February 06, 2022 (D) None of these

58. Russia vetoed, in December 2021, a first of ts-kind UN Security council resolution casting climate change as a threat to international:

(A) Peace and Stability (B) Food supply and nutrition

(C) Relations and Politics (D) None of these

59. In September 2020, NASA collected first ever piece of rock from MARS by car sized space probe named:

(A) Discovery (B) Perseverance

(C) Explorer (D) None of these

60. Which team is the winner of the seventh edition of Pakistan Super League (PSL7)? 

(A) Multan Sultans   (B) Lahore Qalandars 

(C) Peshawar Zalmi (D) None of these

61. Father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb named

(A) Abdus Salam     (B) A Q Khan

(C) Z.A.Bhutto (D) None of these

62. Which country officially accepted Pakistan after Indonesia?

(A) Iran (B) Afghanistan

(C) Saudi Arabia      (D) None of these

63. Pakistan got its first constitution in:

(A) 1949 (B) 1956

(C) 1962 (D) None of these

64. When constituent assembly of Pakistan adopted objective resolution:

(A) 14 February 1949 (B) 15 August 1949

(C) 12 March 1949   (D) None of these

65. Who was Muhammad Ali Bogra?

(A) Law minister      (B) President 

(C) Prime Minister    (D) None of these

66. What should be the minimum age of President of Pakistan?

(A) 45 years (B) 55 years

(C) 65 years (D) None of these

67. Pakistan’s official language in 1956 constitution was:

(A) Bengali (B) Urdu

(C) Both A & B        (D) None of these

68. Who abrogated 1956 constitution?

(A) Iskandar Mirza   (B) Ayub Khan 

(C) Yahya Khan      (D) None of these

69. 1962 constitution gave unlimited authority to 

(A) President (B) Prime Minister 

(C) Minister (D) None of these

70. Z A Bhuto gave 1973 constitution on 

(A) 17 August (B) 14 August 

(C) 12 August (D) None of these

71. Which Surah of Quran has Bismillah twice?

(A) Aal-e-lmran (B) Al-Namal

(C) Surah Yaseen    (D) None of these

72. In Surah Kahf, which animal is mentioned along with the Ashab-e-Kahf?

(A) Cat (B) Horse

(C) Dog (D) None of these

73. The battle of Yarmuk was fought between Muslim and________. 

(A) Jews (C) Christians

(B) Romans (D) None of these

74. Bait-ul-Mamur is on________ Heavens.

(A) 4th (B) 5th 

(C) 7th (D) None of these   

75. Abu-al-Hikam is the title of:

(A) Abu Jehl (B) Abu Lahab

(C) Abu Sufian        (D) None of these

76. King of ________ tore away the letter of Prophet (PBUH).

(A) Iraq (B) Iran

(C) Egypt (D) None of these

77. Hurrairah means: 

(A) Goat (B) Camel 

(C) Cat (D) None of these 

78. Daughter of Hazrat Umar RA who married to Prophet (PBUH) was.

(A) Hazrat Ayesha RA (B) Hazrat Hafsa RA

(C) Hazrat Khadija RA (D) None of these

79. Subject of Holy Quran is:

(A) Universe (B) God

(C) Human (D) None of these

80. The Funeral Prayer, Namaz-e-Janaza is:

(A) Farz-e-Ain (B) Sunnah

(C) Farz-e-Kaffaya (D) None of these

81. Which Federal Ministry controls the Airport Security Force (ASF)?

(A) Interior Ministry (B) Cabinet Division

(C) Defence Ministry (D) None of these

82. Airports Security Force (ASF) Headquarters is located in.

(A) Islamabad        (B) Rawalpindi

(C) Karachi (D) None of these

83. CCTV cameras are used. 

(A) For making films (B) For ensuring efficiency of staff to Managers 

(C) As security tool (D) None of these

84. Whoever knowingly gives or causes to be given a false alarm of fore to the fire brigade, can be punished with:

(A) Imprisonment up to three months

(B) Fine up to Rs 15000

(C) Any/Both of the Above

(D) None of these

85. According to the ASF Act 1975, Director General has the power to make the regulations regarding ASF.

(A) True (B) False

86. Airports Security Force (ASF) is in-charge of the security, in case of any act of unlawful interference or threats of suck interference, to:

(A) Airports (B) Aerodromes

(C) Civil Aviation Installations (D) All of these

87. The Federal Government can delegate his powers under ASF Act, 1975 to:

(A) Aviation Minister (B) Defence Minister

(C) Director General ASF (D) None of these

88. The Federal Government can delegate all of his powers under ASF Act, 1975 to the Director General ASF except:

(A) Power to make rules

(B) Power to make regulations

(C) Power to use arms and ammunition

(D) None of these

89. Which of the following is included in Government Strategic Infrastructures?

(A) Radio Stations    (B) Power Plants 

(C) Water Canals     (D) None of these

90. If an officer detects contraband item on a person checked by him, he is to notify:

(A) Police (B) Custom Staff

(C) Concerned Airline Staff

(D) None of these

91. An ASF member shall prevent all persons and vehicles from access to the air-side or other areas important to the security of the aerodromes or airports:

(A) True (B) False

92. Terrorist acts carried out by Governments in pursuit of political objectives, often as part of their foreign policy, is known as.

(A) Political Terrorism (B) State Terrorism

(C) Civil Disorder     (D) None of these

93. No officer or member shall resign from the Force, without giving in writing a notice of:

(A) One month       (B) Two months 

(C) Three months    (D) None of these

94. A service of aircraft for any purpose of civil aviation, whether aerial work, public transport or otherwise, means:

(A) Air Side (B) Air Service

(C) Air Work (D) None of these

95. Which one of the following is NOT part of “Physical Security”?

(A) CCTV Cameras (B) Security Guards 

(C) Encryption        (D) None of these

96. Officers and members of ASF are subjected to: –

(A) Civil Servant Rule, 1973 (B) Police Order, 2002 

(C) Pakistan Army Act, 1952 (D) None of these

97. If the District Police Officer considers any order of the Zila Nazim unlawful or mala fide, he may recourse to:

(A) District   Public   Safety   and   Police Complaints Commission

(B) Provisional Police Officer (PPO)

(C) DIG Investigations

(D) None of these

98. The National Public Safety Commission shall oversee the functioning of:-

(A) Federal Investigation Agency

(B) Anti- Narcotics Force

(C) Frontier Constabulary

(D) None of these

99. Temporary Permit Functionary pass is issued for maximum period of: –

(A) One month        (B) Two months

(C) Three months    (D) None of these

100. Who is junior person in the same Grade, appointed on same date on?

(A) Officiating Basis (B) Regular Basis 

(C) Contract Basis 

(D) None    of   these