It is considered by patients as their guide in accomplishing the required laboratory consultations and examinations from them before they can be employed, travel, or any other personal reasons. Quest Diagnostics does not collect active infection COVID-19 or swab testing in our Patient Service Centers; ... upcoming lab appointments, and more. The completed form can then be uploaded through the same participant portal, or faxed to Quest Diagnostics for processing. CLIENT SUPPLY ORDER FORM BLOOD COLLECTION TUBES TRANSPORTATION MEDIA *PK/100 T47 Serum Separator Tube 7.5ml 170739 EACH C01 Culture Swab, Copan Blue Gel Aero/Ana 141902 EACH A32 Prostate Biopsy Kit pk14 141881 *PK/100 T04 Lavender Top Tube - EDTA 4ml 141997 EACH M10 Virapap Kits (HPV) 3113 EACH A35 Prostate Biopsy Kit pk 8 165640 EACH T62 Lavender … Besides helping customers in ordering products, order forms also act as invoices for the companies. HIPPA Statement. 1119 associate
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