Of course I'll point you to a higher price point malt if you enjoy this smoke (ard, laph, lag). Dewar’s 15 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky is an easy sipping whisky both neat and with water or ice. 94 • Dewar’s The Vintage 18 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky 40% (Scotland) $55.00. Feel a little thin, but very smooth, no burn. DEWAR'S 15 Limited Edition Blended Scotch Whisky is a blend of very rare vintage single malt and single grain scotch whiskies. Dewar's 12 Year Old Nose: Sweet oats, molasses, fresh hay mow, light peat smoke, caramel. Dewar’s 12 Years is a whisky I’ve been wanting to try for a while. Some "premium" whiskeys really are quite terrible, while some mass market products are good enough to pour into a decanter and serve to the Duke of Edinburgh. It’s inoffensive, and it has a better price tag so you don’t look like you are getting the lower end products that are around $20. The Whiskey Reviewer uses a letter-based rating system, instead of the numerical 100-grade rating system. The finish was short to medium in length and continues the overall feel of softness with some warming at the very back of the mouth with light vanilla and oak. The Dewar’s 15 yo is known as “The Monarch”. Tommy transformed the brand, selling it up and down the UK as well as across the globe. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. This 15 year old is a limited release, said to only be available through January of 2015. The following indicators should be taken as only a guide and not a set of hard and fast rules. The best selling whisky in their arsenal is White Label which is the number 1 selling Scotch in the United States. A touch of smoke with malt and some vanilla sweetness. The brand passed on to John Dewar Jr. in 1880, and he brought his brother, a maverick and socialite, Tommy on board as partner. 91 • Dewar’s The Ancestor 12 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky 40% (Scotland) $26.00. A blend of single malt and grain whiskies, Dewar's 12 Year Old Whisky is aged in both oak and sherry barrels, providing rich nuances of honey and vanilla. I am a tiny bit disappointed due to one aspect of this dram; the finish is far too short. This comment is an interesting lesson in that when the common consumer thinks of backbone, they would mean the single largest constituent in the blend, but that isn’t what Aiken meant. Considering the price difference, if you are looking for a starter scotch, you may want to consider Dewar’s 12, but if price is not a turn off, and if you prefer a sweeter palate, then the 15 is worth considering. 108 Shares. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Dewar’s 15 is sweeter with flavor notes of honey and toffee. I bought a bottle of this today, mainly because I could not find JW Green, which I sampled last week and enjoyed very much. Like Dewar’s 12, the 15 is double-aged. Dewar’s 12 Vs. 15 Scotch Whisky The 12 Year Old is now called "The Ancestor", apparently after John Dewar; and no, I don't understand that either. Click here to learn why. Dewar’s Scotch 15 Year is an intermediate expression, expanding upon the 12 and 18 year olds in the lineup. Still, it all goes to show that a 15 year age statement really does mean 15 years minimum. £15.95. The differences between Dewar’s 12 and 15 is how long they are aged and the flavor profile. The classic 12 year old blend from Dewars, this stuff is the successor to Dewar's "Double Aged" 12 Year Old - so named in reference to the additional six month marriage the whisky enjoys in oak after the initial maturation and blending. However, you should find most pricing between $45.00 and $60.00. The Price Because Dewar’s is the most popular scotch in America, even this 15 Year Old is available almost everywhere and … Honeyed, sweet, and beguilingly malty on entry, Dewar's 12 … My faves for single malts would be Glenlivet 12,Glenfiddich & Glenmorangie. This expression features whisky drawn from bourbon and sherry casks, married together in yet more casks and bottled at 15 years of age. Sweet peat starts on the tip of the tongue and rolls its way down the palate, finishing with a mild smokiness. Score: 0 - 100. The classic 12 year old blend from Dewars, this stuff is the successor to Dewar's "Double Aged" 12 Year Old - so named in reference to the additional 6 month marriage the whisky enjoys after the initial maturation and blending. Dewar’s 12 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky “The Ancestor” is readily available across the country in the neighborhood 0f $27.00 to $35.00. The Scotch has a beautiful light, muddy copper color in the glass, with highlights of white and polished brass. October 19, 2017 Press Release May. Makes a good gift for someone who doesn’t drink scotch often. In addition to that, the price point at around $25-$30 is great for people wanting to get into whisky as it will help to develop your palate before getting into drinks that are not quite as tame. Copyright © 2011-2021 The Whiskey Reviewer (Black Gold Media) | A World of Whiskey, Poured Every Weekday, Woodford Reserve Master's Collection Very Fine Rare Bourbon Review | Wine News Site, New Riff Maltster High Rye Bourbon Review | Wine News Site. Honestly, as other people pointed out in their answers, it’s really hard to compare: Glenlivet is a single malt, as opposed to Dewards which is a blended Scotch. I wasn’t impressed. Honey and toffee continues on the palate with sultanas. “It’s not on the smokey side,” says Chasse, “and that gives it an approachability that makes it a great scotch to get people into the category.” The practice is maintained despite the name change and the result is … Dewar's 12 40% abv. ... DEWAR’S 15 Year Old, DEWAR’S 18 Year Old and the exclusive DEWAR’S … Price: $18.99-$30.99. in B, Between $31 to $60, Scotch Whisky, Whiskey Reviews There was some slight nose burn present too, despite the subtlety. Dewar’s was founded in 1846 by John Dewar, and it is located in Perth, Scotland. Set of 4 Dewars 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky Round Lowball Rocks Tumbler Glasses Brand: Dewars Scotch Whisky. Once they are all combined, the blend will change over time. In addition to their Dewar’s 12 Year Old, the brand also offers their famous Dewar’s White Label, and Dewar’s blends with a 15- or 18-year-old age statement. If you are looking for a lighter and sweeter whisky, then you should consider the 15 year scotch. Read my review of the bottom-shelf White Label from Dewar’s here. The brand was first founded by John Dewar, in a little grocery store on Perth High Street. This should be easily within all whisky consumers’ budgets and well worth the effort. Caramel. 2 Comments, Dewar’s 15 Year Old Scotch(Credit: John Rayls). It is also very suitable for Scotch-based cocktails. So, I snagged a miniature of the 12-year aged version of Dewar’s house blend to see if a little age improves the dram. Inoffensive, but forgettable. 92 • Dewar’s The Monarch 15 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky 40% (Scotland) $50.00. Adding one large ice cube changed the flavor a bit, and the taste changed to more raisins, bread and dried fruits. Dewar’s 12 has flavor notes of citrus, dried fruit, and vanilla. The best selling whisky in their arsenal is White Label which is the number 1 selling Scotch in the United States. Country Club for Men is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Because Dewar’s is the most popular scotch in America, even this 15 Year Old is available almost everywhere and the prices are all over the map. Most of the grain comes from Aberfeldy, a distillery built in 1886 by John Dewar’s other industrious son, Alexander. Compass Box King Street, Old Parr 12 are less expensive and offer more than this. This expression is…uncomplicated. Dewar’s has around 10 whiskies that they produce, and two of their most popular are Dewar’s 12 and Dewar’s 15. Give the gift that began as painting. This is a great beginners scotch because it is only 40% abv, and it is a smooth easy drink. I mention this bit of art history because Dewar’s current Master Blender, Stephanie Macleod, used the painting many decades later as inspiration for Dewar’s 15 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky. £16.46. Honey and toffee on the nose with a hint of smoke. Basically, they age dozens of different grain and malt whisky, and then they will combine them and let them marry together another 6 months in oak casks. I tend to like Dewar’s’ house style; soft and sweet but unafraid to allow the grain to show itself. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Nose is young than 15yo, grain alcohol is prominent. Tasting Notes : There’s a … Personally, I like this better over a large ice cube. The brand has multiple expressions, but the most reasonably-priced (between $15-25) is The Famous Grouse Blended Whisky. As with White Label, the 12-year is a blend of many components with Aberfeldy single-malt at … The peat can disapate over time and I think this age of blends is just right for the overall balance and character of this particular malt. The Whistler Imperial Stout Cask Finish Irish Whiskey Review, Catoctin Creek Bucks Hard Times, Announces Major Investment Plan, Thomas S. Moore Bourbon Finished in Chardonnay Casks, Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Very Fine Rare Bourbon Review, New Riff Maltster High Rye Bourbon Review, Singleton of Dufftown Malt Master’s Selection Scotch Review, Rossville Union Barrel Proof Rye Whiskey Review, Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Proof Bourbon Review, New Riff Maltster Bottled in Bond Bourbon Review, Parker’s Heritage 10 Year Old “Heavy Char” Bourbon Review (2020), Tattersall Bottled in Bond Wheated Bourbon Review. Dewar’s 12 is a blended Scotch whisky which means it is a blend of single grain and single malt whiskies, and it is double-aged in oak and sherry casks. Customers also viewed these products. The blend will age another 6 months to reach the proper taste. It is a bit sweeter, and it has a lower amount of that “metallic” taste that you may experience in the 12 or White Label. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases, Sophie Horn – Sexiest Golfer In The World, The Difference Between Whiskey, Bourbon, And Scotch, Hottest Female Golfers – 18 Beautiful Women (2021), 13 Best Aquatic Fragrances For Men [Aquatic Colognes]. In 1851, Sir Edwin Landseer created an oil-on-canvas depiction of a stag in the Scottish Highlands called, "The Monarch of the Glen." It is famous for its ‘double-aged’ blend, with six months of marrying in oak casks after initial maturation and blending. Email. Dewars' average rating is 74/100 from 22 reviews and 52 ratings Dewars reviews (page 1 of 3) Review search. For people who are serious about their scotch, it may come off a little tame, but for it’s price point it is well worth it. Initially targeted at the Asian market and travel retail, the Dewar’s 15 yo is now more widely available. Another consistent multiple award winner, Chivas 12 YO … The Price It's a light but lovely aroma. 93 • The blend is then married in oak casks for a light, velvety finish. The finish is grains, honey, spice, and a touch of smoke. ... Dewar's aged 12 years The Ancestor Dewar's 12 Year Old The Ancestor Double Aged. £15.95. This means that they blend a lot of single malt and single grain whiskies, and once they are properly aged, they will marry them together in an oak cask. They are owned by Bacardi and their Aberfeldy distillery is an award winning tourist attraction. Taste: Balanced. £16.50. Dewar's 15 Blended Scotch Whisky is a blend of very rare vintage single malt and single grain scotch whiskies. It is also very suitable for Scotch-based cocktails. Finish is short/medium, with honey, touch of smoke and spices. Chivas Regal, 12 YO, 40% ABV, 750 ml, $30. Dewar’s 15 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky is an easy sipping whisky both neat and with water or ice. This is a well-balanced and smooth whisky. Mixed by Master Blender Stephanie Macleod, this single malt is a blend of up to 40 whiskies aged in ex-sherry and bourbon casks, then married together in oak casks. Dewars Double Aged Whisky, it may sound like a simple process, but there's something magical about the unique process that takes place in our casks; a magic that makes our whisky so wonderfully smooth. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. To help decide, read reviews, read magazines & surf the Internet. Fraser Campbell, global ambassador for Dewar’s , said: ‘Disclosing the ages of our blends allows discerning whisky drinkers to choose an expression with a maturity and flavour profile that matches their own character preferences. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. Reddit. Most of the mouth action was from mid-palate towards the back. This Scotch whisky's unique taste and experience is one of … Tweet. Sir Edwin Landseer created an oil painting known as “The Monarch of the Glen” in 1851, which became extremely popular through the 1800’s. It's strikingly like Aberfeldy 12 - but a tad less rich. I’ve seen reviews claiming to taste all sorts of things in this whisky and I think it is fanciful nonsense. Dewar’s has several malts under their name, with the core Dewar’s whisky range comprising White Label, a 12 Year Old, a 15 Year Old and an 18 Year Old. After a 12 years maturation and blending, Dewar's 12 is returned to individual oak casks to undergo approximately 6 months marrying, hence its being described as 'double aged'. Images by Cool Hunting. No, there isn’t “roasted bananas with a hint of French lilac blossom.” The nose was subtle, with aromas of malt, honey, oak, floral and light fruit and very light smoke, showing a little of the Sherry cask influence. Thanks to both our unique double ageing process and golden water source, Dewar's 15 Year Old is unusually smooth, with flavour notes of honey, toffee and floral Rating: 4.0 (2013-12-12) A peated whiskey, my favorite of the dewars range thus far, better than 18 for me. DEWAR'S 15 Blended Scotch Whisky is a blend of very rare vintage single malt and single grain scotch whiskies. Very shy, even after 20 minutes in Glencairn glass. An intense orangish to amber pour. Price: $38.99 + $9.50 shipping: New & Used (2) from $30.00 + $4.99 Shipping. The blend is then married in oak casks fora light, velvety finish. Available most places scotch is sold. This whisky is reasonably-priced (Bowmore 12 was 30% more expensive than The Monarch in the same shop). If you are still skeptical of the superiority of blended whiskies, Dewar’s 25 may end the argument. Color: Full Gold Nose: honey, paraffin, heather, and a whiff of some estery fruity florals: green pear, white melon, baby's breath. They have been making blended scotch whiskies for over 150 years, and they are known as “The World’s Most Awarded Blended Scotch Whisky.” To date, they have collected over 1,000 awards for their Scotch whisky.. Dewar’s has around 10 whiskies that they produce, and two of their most popular are Dewar’s 12 and Dewar’s 15. Dewar’s White Label Blended Scotch Whisky 40% (Scotland) $17.00. Her predecessor, Thomas Aitken, has said the backbone of the blend is a 27 year old malt whisky from Aberfeldy. Dewar’s 15 retails for $50 and is available in limited quantities throughout the US at select retailers, as well as online. 11, 2015 at 12:04 pm. This was not unheard of, as many blends started out life in the same way, and they soon boomed in popularity, and the name Dewar was known across Scotland. Notes of dark fruit, caramel and butterscotch. Share. The original was purchased by John Dewar & Sons in 1919. and nuts. This is great as a gift for someone who is not experienced with scotch whisky. Dewar's ® 15 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky was created by the eponymous Dewar family. The Practice is maintained In Drinks, Lifestyle by Ryan GardnerAugust 17, 2020Leave a Comment. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. The legs appeared a little thinner than in the 12 Year Old and were readily apparent. 15 year old blended Scotch whisky from the Deward's range, with a particularly regal name - The Monarch. Quality and old malts are present, but this blend is too delicate. The Dewars 15 Year Old has been created to be a sweeter, lighter Blended Scotch Whisky. There are no strong or robust flavors. Share. His use is meant more literally, the thing Macleod built the blend around. Although a blend of various malts and gran whiskies, Dewar's is heavily influenced by Aberfeldy single malt whisky. Dewar’s 12 is a smooth tasting whisky with flavors of cereal and dark fruits with other flavors of charred oak, spice and vanilla. £15.41. This is also a great beginner’s scotch. I found the flavor profile to be very subtle as well with light notes of floral and oak. The blend is then married in oak casks for a light, velvety finish. Dewar's has a Royal Warrant (supplying the monarchy with the booze for over 100 years) and was bought by Bacardi in 1988, who have done a good job of rebranding the whiskies in their stable. Dewar’s 15 yo whisky was created by Dewar’s master blender Stephanie Macleod and introduced in 2010. The palate is very similar to the nose with honey in the lead, some oak, and light fruit flavors. For blended I’d go w/Chivas Regal 12, Dewar’s White Label or Johnnie Walker Red or Black. It joins the brand’s existing core range, which includes Dewar’s White Label, 12-, 15- and 18-year-old. It has some floral notes along with almond and honey. The Scotch The mouthfeel was creamy and soft. The palate seems to open up a bit, and there are more citrus and fruit notes. A solid but, shy blend that doesn’t offer much more than the already good Dewar’s 12.

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