The only thing he can do is cooperate with the local authorities and superheroes. Roy Mustang(ロイ・マスタング,Roi Masutangu? Please read all disclaimers and warnings on the author’s page. “He’s not,” Roy says darkly, anticipating the coming headache. May 3, 2020 - #wattpad #fanfiction Reviews of fanfics and doujinshi featuring only the best pairing ever. Immediate sequel to Nothing Beautiful About the Wreckage. It's about Roy Mustang trying to take care of a blind and traumatized Edward. Roy and Pregnant Edward. And they couldn't be happier obviously. “Okay... several anomalies with this, brother,” Al pointed out carefully. Edward was following his orders and one thing lead to another. Not everyone is into the conventional couple. Edward Elric learns hate young. By Lina-kun Watch. There's no choice but to live there and get used to there customs. “At least to my knowledge.”, “Then why the fuck,” Ed says, voice rising in volume with every word, “is he sitting on my couch, eating all my DAMN CHIPS!”. Nov 29, 2016 - Explore Aoba san's board "royed" on Pinterest. Somehow, all paths lead back home. Fanfic écrit par Zelda__ tOus les cOm's sOnt rendus ! A violent obsession plagues him, destroying him slowly. Scar by ArtemisEverdeen. He leaned back instead, carefully capping his fountain pen before placing it on the papers in front of him. It's about Roy Mustang trying to take care of a blind and traumatized Edward. ), is the tritagonist of the Fullmetal Alchemist series. Share via Email Report Story Send. By Lina-kun Watch. Completed . Fanfic Recommendation Challenge. Advertise yourself. Fanfics / Fanfictions Crossovers de Fullmetal Alchemist e Voltron: O Defensor Lendário de todos os gêneros. Apr 16, 2018 - This is gold - pls someone write a fanfic on this one joke He learns it with the look of people in the street, when they walk past with his mother, with her white hair, cherry red eyes and bronze skin. Home of romantic, tragic, adventurous, angsty, humorous, and any other genre of fanfiction dedicated to the special couple, Roy and Riza. And they couldn't be happier obviously. My computer crashed over a year ago and am just now trying to get some of my old stories back on Emergency, I had some stories where Johnny has was injured by Roy either because Roy thinks Joanne and Johnny are having an affair or Roy has been affected by something and he's not all there at the time. I know you’re mad, but fucking call me, okay? The timing of certain events wouldn't align, and Edward's losses would be greater than ever. Posts about Anime Fanfic Recs written by congenial12345. (look at Riza's face XD ^ She looks exhausted). 29K Views. Fanfiction, fanart, icons, song recs for the pairing. Though to be fair, I was a fool-hardy teen but not anymore!”. Stairway to Paradise is a story written by RainFlame. That's what we're about here. 6.4K 265 13. First anime verse. “I was in some small ass village up north, had just gotten my hands on this old Drachman book and I was curious so I drew out the array it described just to visualise. The story is about Ed’s quest to get back to Amestris, Al searching for Ed, with Winry, Roy, Riza, Izumi and other characters along for the ride. The youngest State Alchemists in history, (Y/n) decides to work and Ed and his brother Al to find a Philosopher's Stone, but she finds herself taking an interest in Edward, and him doing the same. It seemed that God was not in his favor. Leading The Blind by Tierfal Roy/Ed. FanFiction. He found out he was wrong on a fateful day in Resembool in search for a pair of genius alchemists. Please read all disclaimers and warnings on the author’s page. xDD OpenCanvas (mouse) IMAGE DETAILS. SomethingIncorporeal’s FMA Fanfiction Recommendations. 224 Comments. Leading The Blind by Tierfal Roy/Ed. A smile spread across her face and she cradled the phone between her shoulder and cheek and continued to work on her au .

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